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GSM Gateway acts as a bridge between the VoIP and GSM Networks.

Complete setup in the matter of Hours

Get your whole GSM Gateway infrastructure up and running in a matter of hours.

Highest Quality Hardware

Haloocom GSM Gateway provides you with the Highest Quality Hardware that will have a low chance of breakdown during the entire time of operations.

Cost Effective

Highly cost-effective communication solution that can be easily scaled according to your growing business needs.


What is GSM Gateway?


A VoIP GSM Gateway enables direct routing between IP, digital, analogue and GSM networks. With these devices (fixed cellular terminals) companies can significantly reduce the money they spend on telephony, especially the money they spend on calls from IP to GSM. The core idea behind cost saving with VoIP Gateways is Least Cost Routing (LCR).

Through the least cost routing the gateways select the most cost-effective telephone connection. They check the number which is dialled as well as rate information which is stored in an internal routing table. Because several SIM cards and GSM modules are integrated within the VOIP Gateway it is able to make relatively cheaper GSM to GSM calls instead of expensive IP to GSM calls.

Haloocom GSM Network serves diverse communication needs of customers with its comprehensive range of Gateways. Haloocom delivers cutting-edge technology Devices, rich in features and functionalities. GSM/3G has emerged as a superior alternative to the fixed-line networks and offer wider coverage and cost benefits. Today’s businesses expect specific benefits from GSM/3G networks without sacrificing existing POTS connectivity. Haloocom Gateway is a family of Integrated 4 Port Gateways and 8 Port Gateways, interfacing the GSM/3G networks with the wired POTS networks. We provide the best Range of GSM VoIP Gateway network.

Haloocom is a Gateway offering interfaces for multiple GSM/3G and FXS ports. It can be used with any existing PBX without changing their existing telephony infrastructure or in a standalone mode too. Haloocom GSM Gateway works as an adjunct and supports flexible routing options, providing significant cost saving and round-the-clock connectivity.

SIMADO GFX44 is a fixed configuration Voice Logger. It connects with the existing IP PBX telephony devices via FXS interface. Up to four SIM cards can be placed inside the SIMADO GFX44 Gateway, allowing a user to make up to four concurrent calls. The calls to mobile numbers are placed via the GSM/3G SIM cards, reducing higher fixed-to-mobile interconnection charges. The Gateway serves as an ideal solution for business organizations, remote project sites with limited fixed-line connectivity and temporary office set-ups. You can get extensive GSM Voip Network with Haloocom which let’s you do mobile to mobile calls on any network.

GSM/3G Trunking for Legacy Phone System
Make Mobile Calls from Existing Telephone Instruments
Easy Integration with Existing Telephony Interfaces and Devices
Automated Call Route Selection based on Least Cost Algorithms
Fixed-line Alternate/Backup for Remote Office Sites and Call Shops

Up to Four GSM/3G SIM support
Single Antenna for Four GSM SIMs
Quad-band GSM Network Operation
Tri-band 3G Network Operation
Time/Number based Call Routing
Direct Number Dialling on the Cellular Networks with Automatic Number Translation
Restrict Unwanted Calls with a List of Denied Numbers
CPC Signalling to Prevent Port Blockages and Accurate Billing
Caller ID Presentation on Analog Phones
Hotline Extension Setting
Emergency Number Dialling on GSM/3G Networks, Dial Emergency Numbers even in the Absence of SIM
Easy Programming Interface

Haloocom is a complete Enterprise Telephony solutions provider and have extensive backend support for contact center as well. look into our Predictive Dialer feature to get a complete overview of our services.



With Reliable and Great Support, GSM Gateway can provide the following advantages. 

Increase Productivity Up to 3x

Almost Zero Cost for inter Office Network Calls

Increase Operational Efficiency

High Portability

75% Cost Optimization

Extensive Feature Set


Haloocom team specializes in bringing products services that can save your company tons of money, with Superior & latest features.  The Executive Management Team alone brings in more than 80 years of combined experience in Telecom. If you are looking to implement GSM Gateway in your premises, you are at the right place.


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Haloocom has 2 state of the art Global Technical Support Centers that operate round the clock 24×7. Our centers are located in India and Qatar. Your GSM Gateway support needs are completely covered

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