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Mr. Paul J. Meyer once said “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, Intelligent Planning, and focused effort.” That’s what we do here at HalooWay – We help you increase not only your productivity but all your agent’s productivity which overall helps increase your complete operational system. This in turn decreases your yearly spend on your employees. This Technology for Field Agents can come in very handy and helpful to the Businesses of the 21st Century.

Now, we also understand that different companies have different working structures and mechanisms, and considering today’s market let’s take an example of a Bank which has both field agents and a call center. We will discuss two cases here with first case running manual operations and 2nd case running HalooWay Tracking Services with Haloo Connect Call Center Software.

Case A:Case A - Haloo Connect + Haloo Way Integration

In Case A, a call center lady from X Bank calls over 25+ customers a day to sell credit cards and increase her database. She generates over 3+ inquiries per day and passes them on to her Manager. Now once the lead is generated, it is clear that the customer is reached and he is interested to buy the credit card. Now the bank lady assigns the following inquiry to her manager so he can proceed to the next step. (i.e) Getting the documents collected to process the customer’s credit card application. To carry out this part of the process – A Field Agent Comes into the picture. In a usual manual process, the lead is then shared to either an outsourced agency that carries out the document collection process or a local bank field agent (where the lead would probably be shared via mail or even popular communication apps such as WhatsApp). 

Problems with Case A:

Technology for Field Agents

Technology for Field Agents

The first major problem with Case A Is that a lot of people are responsible for the information to be passed on to the field agent. Involving more people to share a single data can not only change the data on transit due to basic human errors but it also becomes a bit time-consuming. Several details like the meeting time etc are not properly communicated and also delayed. The other major problem with Case A is that the end field agent doesn’t have direct contact with the lady who had the actual call with the customer and due to this, minor details may be missed and not shared with the agent. Also, points like meeting time and additional documentation may sometimes be miscommunicated. One more important problem with Case A is that there is no regular follow-up for the document collection process from the bank’s end and sometimes due to non-productive agents the bank may end up losing the customer. Another problem to be mainly highlighted here is that – The collection of documents and sharing with the bank physically is again a lengthy process and usually can get more delayed due to human errors.

What is Case B and How it solves the problem?

Technology for Field Agents

Technology for Field Agents

Following are the ways we have tried to smoothen and speed up the process in Case B:

  1. The Call Center Lady calls the customers with a smart and effective software called Haloo Connect from Haloocom.
  2. Since the calls are now recorded – Her Manager directly keeps a tab on all her calls and monitors every call. This leads to  more effective calls happening and better closures 
  3. Once she gets the enquiries and the customers request for the document collection. She is directly able to login to HalooWay Dashboard (which is integrated with Haloo Connect software) and schedule tasks for the agents assigned to particular locations (most probably nearby agents).
  4. The Call Center Agent during the task assigning can even share the minute details like how the customer wanted to have a look at one additional document before proceeding ahead. And various basic details like customer address, customer phone number and various other important details can be directly sent to the field agents phone. 
  5. The Field Agent can now click to call the customer and even directly navigate to customers location with the help of Google Maps which is already integrated with HalooWay. 
  6. The app will also send out reminders automatically to the field agents on its own a few minutes before the meeting and the app automatically overrides the manual follow up process from banks end. 
  7. Once the agent has collected the documents, he will be able to directly share the documents from a very simple and easy HalooWay form which can help the agent directly share the documents to the bank and this will help improve the document collection process by up to 75%. 
  8. The supervisor is also able to view the complete performance of both the call centre agent and the field agent on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This ramps up their performance by a large amount since they are now worried that strict action could be taken on them if they don’t produce results. 

Haloocom - Solution Found with Case B Haloo Connect Haloo Way Integration

Haloo Connect is India’s most trusted contact centre application and HalooWay being India’s fastest growing Technology for Field Agents . When we integrate both the applications, the results which we get are tremendous. It really helps ramp up the business operations and it provides the higher management some ground level data using which they can take some strong calls to improve their field and call center team. Other than just used for call center dialing, Haloo Connect has various features which can really help businesses run smoothly. Some of the most well known features are Predictive Dialing, Integration with Whatsapp, Call Recording, Live Real-time dashboard Report System, etc. Some of the major features of HalooWay are Real-time Location Tracking, Daily Attendance Tracker, CRM based task management system, daily distance traveled calculator for travel reimbursements etc. When the integration of both these powerful apps are done – It really ramps up the Field and Office Operations which in-turn helps the companies save a lot of money which they would have otherwise lost due to some non-productive agents. Please Call Us at +91 99716 34134 or email us at – to check out an online demo of the same.