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The network integration of computer and telephone networks is known as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). In the past, trunk-based PBX systems and Computer nodes were incompatible with each other, thus forming two separate information sources with no scope of interaction between both without the intervention of humans. With the advent of IP phones, all that has changed. Now not only can your computers with your Telephony system, but we can also even build complex applications centred around them. Various Advantages of Haloocom Computer Telephony Integration are:

Bring the whole Office Information Infrastructure under one roof

If you already have a CRM, ticketing system or using some other office infrastructure, you can connect your Contact centre software with your office applications and smoothen the information transitions between various applications and departments. 

Better Office Collaboration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) provides Better Office Collaboration

Dynamic Popups to accompany with the Calls

With all the office applications being integrated, the information flow between them can also be automated. With Haloo Connect CTI, you can get dynamic popups with all the details of caller whenever receiving a call. For instance, this information can be from the CRM software which may have been entered by the sales agent. This kind of CRM integration or any number of such combinations is possible with Computer Telephony Integration.

Route Calls between various departments

Call Routing is one of the foremost benefits of CTI. With it, you can easily route calls to the right department and right agent even before someone picks up a call. This can be done with the help of preexisting information in various other office applications easily routing the caller to the supposed receiving agent. You can also automatically put the calls on hold or dispose of the call.

Reduce Churn and Cost with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

With the Integration, the customer experience will improve significantly in a variety of aspects as more relevant service and help is being able to be provided by the customer service agents. The prior information is provided with the integration helps the agent to provide the customer with better support. In addition to this, cost reduction can also come in the form of fewer database errors, reduced telephonic toll expenses and so on.

Empowered Customer Service Agents

Customer Service Agents feel empowered to serve customers better with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Empowered Customer Service Agents

Customer Service Agent’s job is already tough. Dealing with irritated customers and providing valid help within the constrained time frame of a phone call. Having Computer Telephony Integration goes a long way in making the job of a customer service agent a bit better. With CTI, the agent is able to take calls from repeat customers, breeding a sense of familiarity with them. The performance also improves as the agent already has much prior information about the customer before a call, which enables them to directly get to the problem, leading to better customer experience and satisfaction.

Most of the Successful Business Operations has Computer Telephony Integration at heart. With CTI you will not only improve the information flow between various office applications but also improve the collaboration between various departments as a whole. Haloo Connect is a robust Contact Service software which provides integrations with Salesforce and various other leading CRM, Ticketing software and other office applications that can help you improve the efficiency of various departments and how they work with each other.

If you would like to upgrade your Contact Center capabilities or would like to know more about our CTI features, we would like to hear from you at +91-9972732222 or feel free to send us an email to

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