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 Haloocom Work From Home Technology:

          COVID-19 is the most deadly crisis of our current generation, it has brought the whole world to a standstill and almost all the businesses are heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

During the crisis, almost all the businesses are either completely shut down or have moved their businesses to work from home model. Though many services stay shut, there are many essential services that are heavily functioning to make sure everyone receives their basic necessities. Now since many services are functioning, there also arises a greater need for good customer service & good customer experience. We understand that the crisis is temporary but a good customer can stick with you for a long time.

During this crisis, Haloocom has introduced a Work From Home Based Call Center Technology which can help you start your call center services or customer service centers from home. It is very simple to get the technology live – an agent would require only a mobile phone & an Internet connection to go live and start making or receiving calls.

Haloocom - 4 Work From Home Options From Haloocom

Let me explain you briefly how Haloocom is helping business beat COVID-19:

  1. Agents are able to receive Inbound calls & are able to make Outbound calls with the help of their smartphone. This helps companies keep all their sales & support operations running even during the pandemic scenario. Since we are all currently quarantined right now and are staying home – Many people tend to take this time in a holiday based manner. which is not the right thing to do, In fact, this is the time to work harder from home & beat all your competition who is resting at home and waiting for the lockdown to end.
  2. Due to lockdowns & COVID-19 Crisis – Our economies are losing millions of dollars every day. After the whole COVID-19 Crisis ends, there is a high possibility that we will be hit by the biggest recession. Ok? That does sound scary? But, No I am not here to scare you – We can easily beat the recession. If we all work from home effectively, efficiently & also help each other. We can all get out of it together. Remember, It is very important to work from home to keep the economy running. Be it sales, service, or support – Today we have capable technology to have everything done remotely. So let’s stay home & stay safe but also lets work from home & keep our economy running.

Before I jump in explaining the complete set of requirements – Let me inform you that Setting up the Haloocom WFH Tech is a very easy process & within less than 24 hours you can have the complete operations ready & live.

Requirement For Work At Home: For the Work From Home Setup, one would require only a Mobile Phone & Internet connection. Once this is ready – He is ready to go live & start receiving calls/dialing calls.

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Requirement For Work At Office: For a Work at Office Requirement an agent would require Haloo Connect Application, Trunk Line & Internet access with Firewall. This is quite easy to set up as well and within 24 hours we can have it live & running.

Haloocom Work From Home Technology

Ok, if you’ve read our article till here – then let us explain to you our last bit where I will take you through some important Features of Haloocom WFH Model & how they can help you crack your agent efficiency. Here are some important features:

Inbound / Outbound with Predictive dialing & Blended call handling application: It is very important to have both Inbound & Outbound calling modes active at the current scenario cause your company will be able to generate revenue only if both your sales & support team are functioning parallelly. Additionally, we have important features like predictive dialing & blended call handling to help your agents be more productive & efficient as they are working from home.

Real-Time Monitoring: Haloocom can help you monitor your call center agents as they are working from home is a realtime basis. Since they are being watched, this automatically helps increase efficiency.

Reports & Analytics: You will have access to some accurate call reports & analytics to improve your sales & support operations.

Voice Recording: All the calls made by the agents to the respective customers are recorded, this helps management look back into the agent calls to check if the customers are having a good customer experience.

To summarize, all the call centers & customer service centers can run smoothly even during the COVID-19 pandemic with help of Haloocom Work From Home Call Center Technology. We help your company focus on sales & support & make sure all your business communication needs are taken care of. Please stay safe, stay home but work from home & keep the economy running.

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