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Call Center’s Productivity is totally dependent on Happy Customers. The aim of any business is to create a customer which generates a good customer experience. Customer experience is a transition catalyst that can improve the productivity of your business by 3x. Serving your customers in the right way is what our Haloconnect can help you in.

Haloo Connects top call center features include a Predictive Dial Out Algorithm, High-Density Call Queue Mgmt, Live report Dashboard with Notifications, sticky agents, Integrated instant chat, and Robocalling with LCR.

Our Haloo Connect features help your business Increase its Productivity Up to 3x which results in Cost optimization, Increase operational efficiency which results in customer satisfaction and with our 24/7 support we ensure system efficiency. Is your business choosing the right features to improve the call centers productivity by delivering what your customer needs?

Call center managers need to make a lot of decisions that impact the fundamental line of your call centers productivity. For it you need to monitor your agents how effectively they are delivering and how well clients are pleased with it. The only way to achieve this is to measure the productivity of your call center agents with the right metrics.

Measuring the Call Centers Productivity With The Right Metrics

 Call Abandonment Rate

The average rate of getting out of a call is one of the best indicators of how well a call center is doing. If there are many disconnected calls it can signify a bigger problem, if agents are unable to make calls on time before the customer goes away, then the key metric could mean that the problem is the number of missed calls. While this metric may not be a measure of the efficiency of individual agents, but it means that the center-wide call issue should be sorted out.

Call Wait Time

Call Wait Time

The average amount of time that customers wait on call has a huge impact on the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Now, this is an efficiency issue that affects the whole call centers productivity and by managing calls faster and more efficiently both agents can have a positive effect. Call center managers can also consider implementing a call back service to reduce waiting time on the call and make better use of the agent

Live Call Handling Time

Other relevant metrics for estimating agent efficiency include their average call handling time, which measures how long an agent takes from the time they pick up to the time the call is disconnected to handle a call. Often relevant is the average work time per call, which looks at how long it takes agents to do the work associated with a call. This work should be carried out as accurately as possible, within a reasonable period of time

First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution

A key way to estimate customer satisfaction along with agent efficiency is first call resolution. When customer calls are moved to managers frequently from the agents, or are forced to call back to resolve a problem, this may present a bigger efficiency issue for agents. Occupancy rates are also an important tool for calculating productivity. That rate measures the amount of time spent on live calls by agents.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is, of course, the ultimate metric for measuring call center and employee efficiency. The calculation of this metric, as well as other customer assessments and feedback, can be valuable after call surveys.

Ultimately, productivity is the sum of the performance of individual agents, coupled with the efficiency and operation of the overall call center. Measuring the productivity of your call center agents is the cornerstone of any business productivity.

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