How CTI Integration can Help you

Cti Integration

With Haloocom Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you can integrate your telephone system with office Computer networks. With CTI, you can unify all communication channels and applications giving you a centralised control under one interface. CTI can lead to better team collaboration between various departments while also enabling advanced telephony functions such as Call Routing, Recording and Combined Analytics for better feedback. 

Benefits of CTI Integration

Boost Agent Productivity by 3X

Automate Manual Telephonic functions. Perform tasks like transferring calls, on-call meetings and call holding activities directly from the office applications.

Seamless Data Transfer

Seamless Data transfer between Haloocom & your CRM. Detailed Telephony reports & Voice file tagging. Improve Collaboration between various departments.

IVR Integration

Integrate Haloocom IVR with your Existing CRM for enhanced automated customer service. Effectively route calls for better customer experience and faster ticket closure rates.

Pop Up Functionality

Improve your agent’s response rate with CTI Popup functionality. Your agent will get instant pop up even if they have opened up multiple tabs.

We Cover a Wide range of Popular Office Suites. Seamlessly integrate your Favoured Office Applications with Haloo Connect.

Boost your Outbound and Sales efforts by integrating Haloo Connect with World’s leading CRM software. Get a complete overview of all inbound and outbound activities by bringing them under one platform. And ensure that your Sales and Support teams are always in sync.

Salesforce CTI Integration
Haloocom - Zendesk

With Haloo Connect integration with Zendesk, get better data and overview of all your contacts so that it will help your outbound & Inbound team to better judge and monitor your contacts.

By integrating Zoho CRM with Haloo Connect, you can personalise the whole workflow leading to better overall satisfaction and unparalleled experience for your customers. With the integration, you get enhanced call routing with the ability to assign personal agents to every customer.

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Haloocom - Telegram

With Telegram integration, you can now send and receive text messages, images, and documents from Telegram within Haloocom’s unified communication platform. This means you don’t have to switch between different apps to get the job done. Everything is right there in one place.


We provide three kinds of Integration:

1. URL integration

2. Chrome Extension

3. Toolbar based integration

With Halooconnect CTI features, you will get various other benefits such as:

– Password Storage: Passwords can be stored, eliminating the need for entering the remembering the passwords every time they log in. 

– Automatic Dial up: Automatically dial a number with a click of a button, instead of entering the whole number.

– Caller Info: Get prerecorded call information popup whenever receiving a call

– Call Routing:  Automatically route calls to any number. 

No, the integrations can also be done with ERP, ticketing applications and other office applications with robust API support. If the Application provides adequate API support, you can connect it to Haloo Connect.

– CRM Office Suites: Salesforce, Leadsquared, Zoho etc.

– Ticketing Software Solutions

– Other Office Applications providing API functionalities.

Yes, Haloo Connect can be integrated fully with your existing infrastructure set in your Office. The integration can be done through any of the methods mentioned in the Question 1.

CTI simplifies the whole process for your Call Center agents. It also has the potential to reduce the friction between various departments.

For example, if your sales team updates about a lead being converted on your CRM software, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) will update the details of the customer in Haloo Connect. So if the customer ever contacts the customer support team, all the details will already be present on the dashboard and your support agent can help the customer from the get-go.

Haloocom has 2 state-of-the-art technical support centres that operate 24×7. Our Centers are located in India and Qatar. You can rest assured that our support team will be available to help you at any time of your need.

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