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 Call Center Software is a type of customer service software that helps customer agents access the right information at the right time. It helps you integrate your telephonic infrastructure with other office applications. Talking to customers via phone is the most difficult aspect of conversing with a customer, there is no moment to pause and it is easy to lose focus of a call without proper context set at the initial stages. 

To help customer service agents to better serve your customers with proper preparation and context, modern call centre software is integrated with email, live chat, SMS Text, instant messaging and pop up display whenever a call occurs. Call Center software can aid with two types of calls, inbound calls and outbound calls. 

Inbound Call Center solution

Contact center software for inbound calls

Contact center software for inbound calls

Most of the inbound calls are related to an issue with a product, making an order or technical support. Due to the urgent and sometimes technical nature of the calls, customer service agents won’t have ample time to prepare for the upcoming calls. To help service agents attend the calls quickly and efficiently, call center software can be of immense help. Some of the highly useful inbound features that a good call center software will have:

  • Predictive Call Distribution Algorithm: With a high volume of incoming calls, the predictive call distribution algorithm efficiently distributes calls between your agents, leading to optimum call rate conversion and attendance. Predictive Algorithm calculates the next caller who is going to end a call and automatically redirects the next call to the agent. 
  • Advanced Routing: Set predefined rules to route calls to a specific queue. If an incoming call matches the set of predefined rules, the calls are automatically routed to a specific agent or department.
  • Sticky Agents: You can assign a particular agent to a caller. If ever tries to contact your organization again, it will automatically route to the particular assigned agent. This helps in building the relationship between the agent and the customer.
  • Call Queue Management System: Efficiently distribute calls between various agents and queue calls effectively when all agents are busy on other calls. It reduces customer wait time and dropped calls.
  • Intelligent Interactive Voice Response: Interactive Voice Response helps you, direct callers, to the right agents or officials. This improves the call closure rate and improves the efficiency of your call centers as your agents help you serve your customers better.
  • Dynamic Workflow Capabilities: Automate most of the redundant and repetitive processes. Dynamic Workflow capabilities help in improving the productivity of your contact center as your agents are able to focus better on serving your customers.

Like Inbound contact centers, outbound contact centers also have their own set of challenges. Outbound contact center agents have to make multiple calls in a day and it is usually difficult to keep track of the status of all the calls. In cases, contact centers use some kind of CRM software to keep track, but it is often not enough. A robust contact center software will have features that help you better manage outbound call centers.  

Outbound Contact Center Solution

Contact center software for outbound calls

Contact center software for outbound calls

A call center software suite also helps you easily scale up operations. Features such as Predictive Dialer and Robocalling helps you automate the process of outreach and helps you connect with thousands or even millions of customers that will be impossible to scale with human agents. In addition to that some highly productive outbound features are:

  • Predictive Dial Out Algorithm: Automatically dials out a set of numbers. It also uses customer data to set the conditions for whom to call, when to call and the agent to connect with. Predictive Dial Out Algorithm is designed to place your agents at the right place and the right time to boost your conversion rates.
  • Auto MIS and Report Generation: Regularly updating Management Information System (MIS) is essential to monitor the performance of the call center and provides valuable feedback. But manually updating MIS requires a lot of data entry effort and time. With an auto MIS and report generation feature, your agents can put greater focus and effort into making better outreach efforts.
  • Call Recording: This is a simple yet often crucial feature in call center software. With an efficient Call Recording feature, you will not only be able to monitor the performance of your agents but can gain valuable insights and patterns with powerful analytics. These insights can be used to improve your training method and bring about changes in the working pattern to improve the operational efficiency of your contact center
  • Integrated Instant Chat: Your customers no longer use telephones as the only mode of communication. Businesses aware of this have moved over telephones as their only point of customer interaction and feedback. Modern contact center software such as Haloo Connect comes with an integrated chat feature, including Whatsapp, that helps your agents connect with your customers beyond telephones.
  • Robo Calling or Voice with Feedback input Broadcasting: Broadcast a voice message to hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. It is a very popular form of marketing among insurance, healthcare, sales, and real estate companies. Voice broadcasting should also be accompanied by feedback input to measure the impact and performance of the campaigns.

There are also Centers that do Blended Call Handling (Inbound & Outbound) in Parallel. Contact Center Suite Like Haloocom Supports all the three forms of Call handling Methods.

Call center software empowers your agents as well as improves the customer-agent and salesperson-prospect dynamics. If you are looking for a top of the line call center software for your contact center, we will be happy to hear from you at 9972732222 or email us at