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A Predictive Dialer is a Calling software which automatically dials a set of numbers and identifies which is most likely to receive calls. In addition to that, Predictive Dialers also optimises the time it takes for the agents to switch between calls. It is also known as robo-dialers. Implementing robo-dialers are known to decrease agent time from 33% idle time to 5% idle time per hour.

What originated as an efficient way for bankers and collectors to efficiently call as many people as possible in a day, albeit predictive dialer was much more of a hardware solution back then. Today, we can utilise the power of Cloud to provide predictive Dialer completely as a SaaS solution. The Dialer system can also come as a complete hardware standalone solution, integrated or cloud-based solution.

How does Predictive Dialers work?

Predictive Dialer completely eliminates two sources of delay a contact centre agent experiences when making multiple calls; Manually dialling the numbers, which takes approximately a minute to do so for the agent, inclusive of the time taken for manual dialling the numbers. And the time is taken for the call to connect to the prospective receiver. With a predictive dialer software in place, this time is reduced to 3 seconds as the software automatically calls up those numbers, calculates how likely the agent is to complete a call and redirects the connected calls to agents who are free to take up the call.

Another major source of delay for a call centre agent is that even after connecting a call, approximately only one out of three calls are answered by a receiver. Leading to a huge amount of time being spent on unproductive calls. Predictive Dialers are designed to eliminate such calls, they automatically call up the numbers and redirect only those calls which have been connected or has a high probability of being connected. 

Many people confuse Predictive Dialer with Autodialers, but they are not the same. Autodialers automatically call only a set of numbers from a given list. Whereas, predictive dialers utilises the call metrics to see when a person is likely to pick up a call. This can help in optimising the call time to reach the right people at the right time so as to increase the chances of the call being converted. With CTI Integration, Autodialers can become much more dynamic with better and accurate data from other office applications.

Advantages of using Predictive Dialer:


  1. Eliminating No Answer and Busy lines: Predictive Auto dialers automatically call all the numbers and skips those numbers that are unavailable, are not likely to answer or are busy. This helps in improving the efficiency of the contact centre and streamlines the whole process.
  2. Acts as a Gatekeeper: Being at the centre of the whole contact centre operations. Predictive Dialer acts as an effective gatekeeper to make only those calls that are highly likely to produce positive results, both for inbound and outbound calls. 
  3. Automate the process: Combining with Voicemails, you can automate the whole process. If there are no agents available to pick up a call, for say three seconds, a voice mail can automatically play to aid the caller, until an agent is available to pick up a call. As for the outbound calls, all an agent has to do is pick up a call, while the software handles all the backend process.

  1. Eliminates the need for constant decision making: With the burden of manually directing and dialling telephone numbers. Predictive auto-dialers removes the burden of constant decision making on behalf of the agent. Letting them focus only on the calls, thus increasing the chance of making a positive impression on clients, customers or prospects.
  2. Reduced time on-call per hour: After implementing Dialer software in a contact centre, the time on call an agent spent on-call is shown to significantly decrease from 57 minutes per call to 40 minutes per call. That is an astounding 30% improvement in per agent efficiency.

Call Center Dialer has the potential to transform your contact centre and the way they conduct calls. On average Call Center Dialers have shown to improve productivity by 30% and reduce Call abandonment by 90%. If you are looking for an advanced Dialer with extensive features, be sure to call us at 9972732222 or send an email to


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