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A call center dialer is a telephonic software that completely automates calling a set of telephonic numbers. The software completely eliminates the need for manual dialling and optimises outbound outreach process for your agents. Whether your’s is a large enterprise with thousands of employees or a small startup with only a handful of employees, having a call centre dialer can benefit organisations of any size. 

Types of Call Center Dialers

Call centre dialers can be in the form of the manual dialer, the most inefficient way of dialling where an operator has to manually dial into each set of numbers to reach out to them. These kinds of diallers are hardly used by current contact centres. The other form of dialers is Preview or Power Dialers that has the least amount of automation involved and forms as a base of much powerful predictive dialers. Preview dialers let you see the information of the receiver before calling so as to prepare the agent beforehand. Power dialer requires manual intervention before dialling. 

A predictive Dialer is an advanced form of Call centre dialers that not only enables automatic dialling to a set of numbers and eliminates dead calls, but also uses available data to accurately predict when an agent is likely to end his/her current call and redirect the incoming call to that particular agent. This creates an extremely efficient process where no time is wasted and less likelihood of missing a call form customers or prospect.

With Computer Telephony Integration, it is possible to score your leads. This helps in prioritising your incoming calls and give greater importance to leads with a higher score and increasing the chance of converting those leads. Predictive Dialers also identifies the calls which are most likely to be attended and connects your agents only to those calls. These kinds of dialers which enable your agents to prioritise calls instead of going through a long list of numbers to convert a lead are called Progressive Diallers. 

Contact Center Dialer Features

Call Center Dialer Features

Call Center Dialer Features

Call centre dialer is a powerful solution for any kind of contact centre, whether it be telemarketing, customer service, market research service or collection agency centre. Call Center Dialer can come with various powerful features that can benefit any contact centre:

  1. 3X Productivity Increase: Industry data proves that Predictive dialer increases the overall agent productivity up to 3X. (Sample data are given below)
Manual Dialing
Predictive/Automatic Dialing

Total No. of Calls Per Agent Per day



Total No. of Calls with Effective Communication Per agent Per day

(Assuming 25%)


Conversion Per Agent Per day (Assuming 10%)


Sale Per Conversion (Assuming $5 per conversion)

Total Sales with 100 agents per day$1000


  1. Caller ID Display: Whether it be an outbound or an inbound call. If the data of the caller exist in the server or any of the integrated office applications using CTI, a caller popup can be displayed that will help identify the caller or receiver before connecting the call. This significantly improves the chances of the call being a success.
  2. SMS Integration: If a call does not get picked up or a call has not been able to be attended by any of the agents. SMS integration with Call Center Dialer can automatically send a message to the person regarding the status of the call or any other information.
  3. Click to call: Automatic Dialer eliminates the need for Click to call dialer, but CTC dialers have their own advantages. It helps the agent prepare better for the call instead of being bombarded continuously with calls. 
  4. Voice Mail: In case if your agents missed any of the incoming calls or if the outbound calls were not picked up by any person. With Contact Center Dialer you can send a pre-recorded voice mail to the concerned person. This helps in keeping the lead warm or a customer satisfied event if their concerns or queries are not immediately taken care of. 
  5. Effective Distribution: In case of a high volume incoming calls, Call Center Dialer can effectively distribute calls among your agents leading to less abandoned calls.

Call Center Dialer has the potential to transform your contact centre and the way they conduct calls. On average Call Center Dialers have shown to improve productivity by 30% and reduce Call abandonment by 90%. If you are looking for an advanced Dialer with extensive features, be sure to call us at 9972732222 or send an email to


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