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With Computer Telephony Integration, you can connect computers with your Telephone network and enable interaction between them. CTI has many advantages among them are automating call-related tasks and allowing easy transfer of data through various office applications and devices. 

Computer Telephony Integration has been a possibility with the advent of IP Phones and VoIP which has enabled telephonic compatibility with Computers. With CTI, you can integrate Office applications with contact centre software that has opened up a plethora of customisations and call based features.

Having a Computer Telephony Integration provides organisations with centralised control and allows for better data monitoring throughout the organisation. Companies with CTI have reported better collaboration between various departments, as it eliminates the necessity of needless data entry and the data transfer between various departments, such as customer service and sales, are unified and seamless.

Applications of Computer Telephonic Integration (CTI)

  1. If a sales agent has entered the details of a customer in a CRM software. In case if the customer calls the customer service, the details will appear in a pop-up screen automatically, enabling the customer service agent to attend to get straight to the problem, rather than trying to identify the caller first.
  2. Certain conditions can be placed to route calls. The conditions can be based on the time of the day, location, and even based on the number of times a person calls an agent.
  3. You can store the call logs and instances in CRM software suite to better understand the status and likelihood of converting the leads.
  4. It opens up a plethora of call based applications to better make the call handling process more efficient and productive.
  5. Enables the calls to be set in a queue and direct them among various agents seamlessly.
  6. Sticky Agent – this feature will enable that a repeat customer call is handled/routed to the same repeat agent, based on the previous call history.

CTI has several benefits both for small and large businesses through several great features. Features such as Call Logging, Dailing numbers automatically, Call Routing have greatly improved the efficiency of Call centres in organisations of any size. It has also facilitated team collaborations, better sales and customer service synergy and better-satisfied customers. Some features that benefit  both small and large businesses are:

CRM + Predictive dialling: It is the most robust technology that one can implement in their operations to earn high ROI & improved efficiencies. For salespeople and customer service personnel, time is of utmost essence. The quicker you are able to respond to calls, you can provide better service to your customers, or in case of leads, the chance of conversion increases for a salesperson. Your team’s productivity automatically increases manifold with automatic dialling feature of Computer Telephony Integration.

Call Routing: Even with a comparatively lower call volume, call routing can benefit a small business substantially. Most important of which is in the Brand building. With Computer Telephony Integration in place, you are giving a statement that you are running a modern and efficient business to you callers and not a dated business where people are still assigned for taking calls. It will also help you streamline the process in case you are running short of manpower or time.

Call Logging: Never miss out on any calls ever again. Combining with Call Routing and mobility features, call logging becomes a powerful add on that helps you and your team to be available for all calls. Call logs help you record and monitor all calls, and in case you missed any, you can directly look into it and call the missed call back.

Computer Telephony Integration is at the heart of many successful business telephony operations. With CTI, it will not only help you integrate the telephonic data and data from other office applications, but a whole new set of features also becomes a possibility that can substantially improve the productivity of Contact Centers. Haloo Connect is a top of the line Contact Center software which provides extensive CTI features as well as integration with popular CRM applications and other office applications. To know more about Haloo Connect CTI, send an email to or call us at 9972732222.

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