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Business Communication Setup In Few Hours

With Haloo Xchange IP PBX we help you setup your Business communication in a couple of hours. Within few hours the whole system will be up and running.

No Initial Investment

Do you want to setup an IP PBX System and Investment is your problem? We can Setup your IP PBX system with No Initial Investment.

100% Opex - SaaS model

(SaaS) is a rental model that allows you to purchase enterprise software without paying upfront license fees. This means software becomes an operational expense (OPEX).


Whatever your business needs, we have an IP PBX solution for you. Our PBX system supports all kinds of telephones whether it be IP, Analog or GSM based. You can connect anywhere between 10 to 10000 extensions with our system.

Haloo Xchange UCaas Series Starts with 10 going up to 10000 Extensions.

Upgradable up to 512 Extn. 144 Analog Extn. 112 IP Extn. 3 Port PRI. 90 Concurrent Trunk Calls. Unlimited Extension to Extension Calls

Xchange X 50 Supports 50 IP Extensions.

Upgradable up to 768 Extn. 256 Analog Extn. 256 IP Extn. 4 Port PRI. 120 Concurrent Trunk Calls. Unlimited Extension to Extension Calls

Upgradable up to 256 Extn. 64 Analog Extn. 40 IP Extn. 2 Port PRI. 60 Concurrent Trunk Calls. Unlimited Extension to Extension Calls.

Upgradable upto 1024 Extn. 368 Analog Extn. 400 IP Extn. 6 Port PRI. 180 Concurrent Trunk Calls. Unlimited Extension to Extension Calls


Clients Served

Extensions Served


System Uptime


Industry-leading IP PBX paired with a powerful feature set, Haloo Xchange will boost your organization’s productivity by 75% instantly. All our features are designed to improve team collaboration, call monitoring and analytics. With Computer Integration, you can avail of a whole host of Smart Extensions and Applications that will ease your employee’s workflow.

Smart Extensions (Android & IoS)

Speech Recognition



Call Recording


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Convert Existing EPABX to IP PBX


Call Bridge Conference

3rd Party CRM Integration

Multi Office Connectivity



Haloo Biz Employee App is a great value add offering for employees working in any size of organization as it offers great mobility. An Employee can take his business communication where ever he roams. Haloo Biz allows employees to:

  1. Call
  2. Chat
  3. Video Call with their team members, managers & Clients
  • HUGE SAVING FOR ENTERPRISE : Smart Extensions allows a user to make a business outgoing call through the Centralized office Xchange (over a private network or VPN). This results in huge saving – this would mean gone are the days when an employer have to reimburse the employees mobile expense.
  • EFFECTIVE CONTROL & MANAGEMENT : Since all the calls go through a single Xchange, all calls are logged & voice files are recorded, which is available for future audits & analytics.
Haloo Xchange IP PBX APP AVAILABLE ON APP STORE Haloo Xchange IP PBX APP Available on Play Store


Haloo Xchange analytics represents the IT & the management team with comprehensive data in both visual & report format. Billing report allows the IT department to understand the need & traffic of their IP PBX system. The big data generated by the application eliminates tons of manual labor hours which are otherwise expended in collating, reconciling and preparing reports.


Intelligent IVR that can talk to your internal database.

Haloocom has a built-in IVR in our IP PBX system that is designed to boost the competence of any business by increasing flexibility, simplifying processes and reducing costs, at the same time as improving customer satisfaction.


A fully-integrated speech solution for all Voice-based applications is now available with Haloocom. The Speech Engine is directly and seamlessly integrated with the Haloo Xchange IP PBX and various other platforms.

Haloocom Speech Recognition can help you increase your productivity and increase your operational efficiency.

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