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Predictive Dialers are a kind of Automatic Dialer systems that dials up a set of numbers and connects your agents to a set of numbers that have real people on the other side. This saves a whole lot of time for your agents, as they no longer have to deal with dead calls, busy calls, unanswered calls and disconnected lines. 

What sets predictive dialers apart from other automated dialers are that they use a set of mathematical algorithms that accurately predicts agent availability and average call answer time to connect a call to the right agent when they are available. This has a tremendous positive impact on the productivity of the contact centre. An automated dialer also calculates how many unsuccessful attempts were made to a phone number and estimates if that phone number requires a callback.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers

Advantages of using Predictive Dialer

Benefits of using Predictive Dialer

Many contact centres that have integrated a call centre have observed the following benefits:

  • Almost 3x time the agents are connected to live person on call as compared to agents in contact centres that do not have a predictive dialer in place.
  • Whenever a call connects, a live person is usually available on the other side of the call. It enables agents to better prepare themselves for an upcoming call, instead of getting frustrated over calls which do not connect. 
  • Eliminates manual dialling as the phone lines are automatically connected to calls, enabling agents to only focus on making the right impression on people on the other side of the call.

How does a Predictive Dialer work?

In addition to automatic dialling, predictive diallers are designed to predict the upcoming calls. In order to accurately assess when the next caller will be free, the following set of events takes place:

  1. Predictive dialers have a centralised server in which all the telephone numbers and contacts of the people that need to be reached. All the agent’s telephones are also linked to the server.
  2. A telephone network needs to be linked to the predictive dialer. Through which it can reach out to the numbers.
  3. The dialer will start making calls, and in case if the numbers are busy, unanswerable, replies by a machine, the dialer will hang up. Only those contacts which are connected to a live person are connected to an agent.
  4. All the information of the dialer gets displayed on the screen after the call gets connected.
  5. Based on the data gathered, predictive dialler automatically adjusts it’s call patterns. The call pattern takes into account:
  • The number of times it has called a telephone number. If the number doesn’t connect for a long time, the dialer doesn’t connect to it anymore.
  • Based on the number of agents are available at the contact centre. If there are fewer agents available, the frequency of calling also decreases. 
  • The length of time a caller is on the phone. If the average length of the call is high, the frequency of the calls is reduced and vice versa. 
  • The number of calls that are picked up and the abandonment rate.

Based on the above factors and others, predictive dialers varies the volume of outbound calls. It increases the volume of calls to prevent agents from not receiving calls. And it also prevents calling too many numbers to prevent call drop-offs. In case if an agent is busy on a call, the call gets directed to another agent who is available to pick a call.

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