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Primarily designed for workplace mobility, Haloocom is an Enterprise Communication Solution Provider. In the growing Indian economy, the company perceives themselves working as a catalyst and making the employees of their customers work more efficiently in the Enterprise Communication Solution space. And it’s very important for firms to have technology that’s future-ready. Haloocom’s solutions are made to be future-ready since the day we started.

In a chat with VARINDIA, Levis Wilson, CEO of Haloocom has shared his thoughts about the focus of the company, its future roadmap, target verticals, and problems faced by them.

India has emerged as the fastest-growing major economy and is expected to be one of the top three economic powers of the world over the next 10-15 years. As an Enterprise Communication solution provider, Haloocom sees this as a big opportunity because as companies thrive to grow in the current economy, they would require a top-notch Enterprise Communication Solution which will act as a catalyst for their growth and also make their employees more efficient. This is where Haloocom is trying to enter and make a difference.

Opportunity in India market

According to Levis Wilson, CEO, Haloocom, the Current VoIP restrictions by TRAI regulatory has been a major roadblock in India (VoIP to VoIP is allowed, VoIP to PSTN or vice versa is restricted). These restrictions and discussions to make VoIP legal in India have been around for a really long time, but no positive result sighting security reasons. TRAI officials have been doing their research & studies and hope that very soon India will also allow VoIP calls across all endpoints just like any other developed nation. This in turn will open up a huge opportunity to tons of Start Ups, Service providers and Cloud platforms.All Haloocom’s solutions and applications are not just future ready to make the most out of this opportunity but also catering to all the current Enterprise Communication market needs.

Wilson reveals, “We are planning to tap the tier 1 and tier 2 cities with our concept of workplace mobility, we understand the growing need for the concept of workplace mobility and this is not surprising as apart from the obvious benefits of letting employees work from any place, Mobile business communications also enable paperless workflow, improvement in data accuracy, ability to detect inefficiencies in the workplace, unifying all communication platforms among various other advantages.”

MOBILITY- Future of Enterprise Telecom
Wilson believes that mobility is going to be the future of enterprise telecom. All Products of Haloocom were carefully designed by keeping in mind that the future of Enterprise Telecom is going to be Mobility. “We have had tremendous growth, innovations, product developments and Beta roll outs since Jan 2017 and we have received excellent responses from the market. We believe that Mobility is changing the way things work throughout the business landscape regardless of the size,” comments Wilson.

To be cutting edge amidst other brands Haloocom believes that any organisation needs a strong service and support team to back them up and act as a catalyst for their growth. Haloocom has state-of-the-art Global Technical Support Center that operates round the clock 24×7 with Support NOC located at Bengaluru India.

Go-to-market strategy
Haloocom’s go-to market strategy for Indian enterprises is partner selling. Wilson says, “We have impactful partners all over India who don’t believe in the concept of box selling but solution selling. All our Enterprise Communication solutions can easily be integrated with renowned CRM applications like Salesforce, Pipedrive or Hubspot and build such a cloud setup in less than 60 minutes which changes the concept of box selling and makes us a solution provider.”

Future solutions
With a goal to provide top-notch service to customers, we are providing services to all the existing and emerging companies, which are looking for a solution. Haloocom’s solutions are fault tolerant, reliable, ease of use and flexible to adapt to changing technological and business demands.
Wilson feels, “In Haloocom, our main objective is to fulfill the three core objectives for any organization: increase productivity, increase operational efficiency and cost optimization. We have built a stable and fault tolerant Enterprise Communication solution and our R&D teams are working round the clock to innovate and develop a solution for the future.”