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4’s (FORCE) is the name given to HALOOCOM’s Global Partner network and this portal access is extended through INVITE only. 4’s is a comprehensive portal for ease of access to multiple information – like Marketing Collaterals, Videos, Case Studies, Order booking & Latest News. This Portal also allows our Partner to place an order online.

An Haloocom Initiative for smooth access to information. Haloocom is now present in 6 counties with 32 partners worldwide.


Haloocom - partnership

Still Wondering about Partnering with us?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We provide you with all the required assistance and guidance to be our successful partner. We support you in following ways:

Haloocom - Haloocom training

Intensive External & Internal Training

We help your organisation run effectively, efficiently and support your business strategies.

Haloocom - ROI haloocom

Handsome Return Of Investment

We help your organisation run effectively, efficiently and support your business strategies.

Haloocom - process oriented

Process Orientation and Application

The pros of using our platform are speed improvements and increase of customer satisfaction.

Haloocom - haloocom Revenue model

Haloocom Revenue Model

Revenue models through Sales,After Sales Support/AMC, Value-added services Consultancy Service.

Haloocom - marketing support

Marketing and PR support

We provide you with our exceptional Marketing and PR support team and help you grow.

Haloocom - lead

Guranteed Leads and Extensive Hand-holding until break-even

We provide you with guranteed leads and Extensive Hand-Holding until Break-Even.


4’s is the name of Haloopartners’ exclusive global partner network. Access is by invite only and provides partners with a comprehensive portal for marketing collateral, videos, case studies, order booking, news, and more.

Key benefits include easy access to resources to support sales and marketing, ability to place orders online, and connectivity to Haloopartners’ community of 32 partners across 6 countries.

Haloopartners offers extensive external and internal training to help partners run efficiently and effectively. This supports partners’ business strategies and success.

Haloopartners focuses on delivering handsome returns on investment by driving process improvements, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting partners’ bottom lines.

Haloopartners takes a process-oriented approach centered on speed and customer satisfaction. This enables partners to achieve their revenue goals.

Revenue comes from sales, after-sales support/AMC, value-added services, and consultancy services. This diversified model provides stability.

Haloopartners provides exceptional marketing and PR support to boost partners’ brands and foster growth.

Haloopartners guarantees leads and extensive hand-holding until partners achieve break-even. This drives profitability.

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