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Levis Wilson, a leading expert in the SPECIALS Agentless Contact Center industry, emphasizes the growing significance of AI in the global call center outsourcing market. AI is projected to reduce labor costs by $80 billion by 2026, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional human-centric solutions. Conversational AI tools and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are pivotal in reshaping call center operations..... Read more.

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Contact Center 2.0: Navigating the Era of Agentless Communication

Levis Wilson, CEO of Haloocom Technologies Pvt Ltd, emphasizes the growing demand for exceptional customer service in the global call center outsourcing market, which is expected to reach USD 429.8 billion by 2028. The Asia Pacific region is particularly thriving, employing 44% of the global workforce. AI chatbots are projected to reduce labor costs in contact centers by $80 billion by 2026..... Read more.

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GovTech Trends 2023: How govt offices learning to serve citizens better with Agentless Contact Centers

Chatbots are revolutionizing contact centers, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency. The Indian market for agentless contact centers is expected to reach USD 347.9 million by 2027, with chatbots saving £2.2 million annually and reducing call center volume in the UK and US. AI-ROBO and XCaas platforms are facilitating futur... Read more.


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Haloocom in the Cover Page & Cover Story, Exclusively at CIOReviewIndia Read the Exclusive Interview of the CEO of Haloocom – Levis Wilson..

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Primeview Recognizes Haloocom as “The 10 Most Emerging Startups of 2018”

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CIOReviewIndia Recognizes Haloocom In Annual Roll Of Honor As “20 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution Providers – 2020”.

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