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Campus Communication For Educational Institutions

Haloo Campus helps you ramp up your Campus communication. Education system over the last many years has undergone tremendous changes, so did the infrastructure & needs from all ends have been met by the following Objectives: 


Instant Messaging

File Sharing

Video Calling


Haloocom - college

Classroom Auto Phone Bell

Upcoming meetings can be scheduled with our campus communication module. An IP Phone is kept in each classroom that is used for 2 main purposes

  1.  Ring bell at the end of all breaks.
  2. To pass on messages to the teachers.
Haloocom - Campus 2

Voice Blasting

Auto Voice Message is Blasted to 100s at one go with our campus communication module.

  1. Fees Reminders to Parents
  2. Admission Notification
  3. Admission Confirmation
Haloocom - Campus 2
Haloocom - BroadCast

Unified PA and Broadcasting System

Just pick up the phone and key in the unique extension number of the PA system with our campus communication module.

  1. Broadcast your Message.
  2. Principals Message
  3. Emergency Notifications
  4. Broadcast National Anthem
Haloocom - IVR

Intelligent IVR

Intelligent IVR that can talk to your internal database. Parents can call the Institution IVR, enter their student ID and retrieve details about their ward. Details like:

  1. Fees
  2. Attendance
  3. PTA Schedules
Haloocom - IVR
Haloocom - Mobility


Staffs in the Campus can carry their Extensions on their Mobile Phones –Where ever they go Whether the Principal is on rounds or the Teacher is in the Library or the Staff member is in the canteen, all of them can use the app for :

  1. Calling
  2. Video Calling
  3. Instant Messaging
  4. File Transfer


Haloo Campus is a unified communication solution designed specifically for the needs of educational institutions like schools and universities.

Key features are calling, video calling, instant messaging, file sharing, auto phone bells, voice blasting, PA/broadcasting, and IVR systems.

 Auto scheduled phone bells can ring at the end of breaks. Teachers can also receive messages directly to classrooms.

Voice blasts can send pre-recorded announcements to hundreds of parents/students instantly for fees, admissions etc.

Centralized PA and broadcasting allows quick all-school announcements from any phone.

The IVR system allows parents to call in and check details like fees, attendance, PTAs for their children

Teachers and staff can take their phone extensions on mobile apps to make calls, video chat, message, and share files.

Benefits include improved communication, better parent engagement, efficient management, and increased productivity.

You can visit the Haloopartners website and fill out the contact form or email/call their sales team.

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