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Haloo Support consists of 24×7 Customer Support team & Telecom operations Consultants. Our Primary Objective is to Optimize your Telecom operations.

 Our Global Support Help desk Hub in India caters to customers around the globe. Our Customers at GCC calls our Local Virtual Support Line that lands at our GSHH at the silicon valley of India.

Our support consists of the IBM Watson Bot which is a IBM supercomputer that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance as a “question answering” machine.

Haloo Consultancy Has A Solution To Your Following Challenges:

Our Consultancy services are backed up by 60+ years of combined expertise in Telecom space as a User | Service Provider | Creator of many products. Our Domain knowledge spreads out from Satellite Communications network, Optical Fiber & FTTH, Machine Learning, OPGW & More. Our Core objectives are:

Haloocom - Tele Fraud

Telecom Fraud

We help with all types of Telecom Fraud

Haloocom - Audit

Telecom Operations Audit With GAPA

We can help you with Telecom Operations Audit with GAPA.

Haloocom - Cyber security

Telecom Connectivity & Security Audit with GAPA

We can help you with Telecom Connectivity and Security Audit with GAPA.

Haloocom - Cost Reduction

Reduction in Telecom Expenses

Our Revenue models help you in reduction of your Telecom Expenses up to 75%.

Haloocom - Dispute

Dispute Advisory

We provide you with exceptional Dispute Advisory.

Haloocom - Multi Business

Multi Branch Connectivity

We provide you with Multi Branch Connectivity.

Increase Productivity Up to 3x

Increase Operational Efficiency

Cost Optimization Up To 75%

100% Customer Satisfaction

Increase Productivity Up to 3x

Customizable Software

Capex | Opex | SaaS

Premium and Robust Hardware


Haloo Support is a 24/7 customer support and consultancy service for optimizing telecom operations. It has a global support hub in India that serves customers worldwide.

Haloo Support uses AI-powered APIs for optimal performance as a virtual assistant. This provides swift query resolution.

Haloo provides consultancy for telecom fraud prevention, operations audit, connectivity & security audits, telecom expense reduction, dispute resolution, multi-branch connectivity etc.

Haloo’s consultancy models can reduce telecom expenses by up to 75% through optimization of operations, contracts, network design etc.

It involves a complete audit of current systems, processes, contracts, network design etc. Gaps are identified and recommendations provided.

Haloo provides telecom security audits to identify vulnerabilities in the network. Recommendations are given to improve security.

Yes, Haloo offers premium and robust hardware suited for your needs with customized configurations. Capex, Opex and SaaS models offered.

With 24/7 support, expertise-driven solutions and dedicated account management, Haloo ensures 100% customer satisfaction

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