Effective business communication is one of the main pillars for the success of a business. This is why many enterprises have given undue importance in implementing the latest and most effective communication technologies available. In this rapidly evolving market, IP PBX has emerged as the go-to technology for companies who want their office communication systems to be more than just a network of telephones.

IP PBX system uses TCP/IP protocol stack, the protocol which governs today’s internet. This enables IP PBX networks to be more than just a telephonic branch exchange. There are serious benefits and exciting possibilities using this system and has lead to increased productivity and provided significant cost savings for companies which have adopted them.

Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX) is a central switching system for all the telephone communication system within a business. It also acts as a gatekeeper between internal communication lines and the outside world. In traditional Private Branch Exchanges, separate communication lines had to be maintained for voice and data transmission, which is essentially eliminated in an IP PBX system as the voice is transmitted in Internet Protocol, the same protocol which is also used for transmitting data. An IP PBX system is relatively inexpensive and comes with loads of extra features that can help a business of any size.

If you are still using traditional phone exchanges or planning implement one and wondering if it is worth it to implement IP PBX system. We list out 6 reasons why upgrading will not only help your business overcome telephonic communication problems but has the potential to increase productivity and save on your telephonic costs.

1. Significantly decrease your telephonic cost over time

Make calls between telephones in your IP PBX network for almost free of cost. Since the network is handled and maintained by your business, you don’t need to provide any charges to external Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) for making a call. What’s even better? With its compact IP PBX, you can make international or long distance calls with the help of your VoIP providers saving your organisation a significant amount of money.

2. An IP PBX system is easy to set up and maintain

When you Implement IP PBX system, you are bringing about a one time process with minimal installation period. And unlike a traditional PBX system, removing and relocating a phone is a simple process of just moving it and plugging into the system. Eliminating the need for complex procedures and wiring adjustments that would be required in the old proprietary telephonic system for such a simple task

Most of the telephone networks available today have outdated technologies which are very difficult to manage and often requires the vendor’s help to troubleshoot the issues. That is not the case with IP PBX systems. If you have a technical team with knowledge in networks, you can easily train them to handle your IP PBX system as well. With friendlier GUI, it also enables for easier modifications.

3. Unify your Business Communication under IP PBX

The most exciting thing about to know when you implement IP PBX systems is: your business communication network needn’t be restricted just to telephones. IP PBX networks have the ability to read and transmit emails, instant messaging voice, chats and videos. This enables a business to unify their whole communication under one network. You can literally take your whole business communication under one unified network!

4. Better Security with IP PBX system

With your whole business communication under one network and with controlled access to external networks, it is much easier to implement a security wall around this system from hackers and eavesdroppers. In an increasingly competitive environment, encryption of networks can prevent your competitors from overhearing important conversations and the possibility of stealing your trade secrets.

5. Scale your communication network along with your Business

If a business is growing at a rapid pace, scaling your communication network along with their business is often a concern for the firms. With an IP PBX system in place, your business will not only be able to handle increased call volume, but you will also easily add more phones to your existing network as you expand it to include more offices and locations. Your only concern will be to buy new hardware for your new offices.

For your employees, working remotely becomes a possibility as all they are required to do is connect to your enterprise IP PBX system and start taking calls from home. You absolutely needn’t worry about network scalability with an IP PBX communication system.

6. Plenty of Features and Customisation

The introduction of IP PBX has opened a whole of exciting possibilities and features that can be attributed to it’s accelerated adoption in the market place. In an IP PBX communication network, a node acts more like a computer than a plain telephone. This attribute opens up a whole set of possibilities that can be added and combined with your communication network to bring forth improvements in how things get done in your business.

For example, with Haloocom Xchange IP PBX system, you can create and make use of existing smart extensions in both Android and iOS environments that can cater to your specific needs. In addition to that, Speech Recognition, Interactive Voice Response, CRM integration, Call Bridge Conference and Analytics dashboard are also some of the exciting features that are provided with our IP PBX system.


IP PBX systems are becoming a necessity for business communications as it has major cost saving and productivity advantages both in short and long term. Our clients have witnessed an average of 75% in cost reduction and 100% improvement in productivity. IP PBX systems can provide you with that all-too-crucial advantage that is required to gain an upper hand in the marketplace.

Hope with this article, we are able to help you in making the better decision for your business. If you still have queries or would like some help, you can head forward and write to us at rajesh@haloocom.com or contact us at 9972732222. Thank you for reading!

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