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Our IP PBX Solutions for your Business!

IP PBX Solutions is a central switching system for phone calls, video calls, email, fax, instant messaging, conferencing solutions, SMS, and mobile telephony within a business.

Our IP PBX solutions provide a complete pack of Secure, Robust and Reliable system for your business.

Our IP PBX Features

Smart Extensions

Smart Extensions (Android & IoS)

IP PBX solutions can create and make use of existing smart extensions in both Android and iOS environments. You can impress your audience with smart content suggestions in seconds.

Call Recording

Call Recording

You can monitor your agents performance. With our IP PBX feature you can record the commercial transactions and call with the clients, avoid the misuse of office PBX for personal reasons.

Call Bridge Conference

Call Bridge Conference

A bridge call is a simple way to connect people in a single call. We use a set of collaboration tools that can help small businesses reduce the time spent on unreliable communication.

Haloocom - Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is a technology that allows you to talk to your computer system and allow the system to take further action. We can do call routing, speech to text processing, voice dialing and voice search.

Haloocom - Interactive Voice Response 1

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response direct calls to correct agents . This increases the call closure level and boosts productivity of your call centers, as the right agents will be able to serve the clients better.

Multi-Office Connectivity

Multi Office Connectivity

With multi-office connectivity, you can combine and consolidate all data within a single network, which helps in better decision making and easy communication within various teams.



Our IP PBX Solutions helps to analyze and evaluate the advertisement growth, as well as handle and supervise agent calls and their performance. With this feature companies can improve their advertisement ROI.

Haloocom - EPAPBX to IP PBX

Convert Existing EPABX to IP PBX

Our IP PBX solutions have converted the existing EPABX with digital and analog extension ports to pure IP system which comprises of only Ip setup, which has improved the scalability, have brought in cost-effectiveness etc.

Haloocom - CRM Integration1

3rd Party CRM Integration

CRM integration provides smooth integration between your customer relationship management (CRM) software and third-party applications with Live chat applications, Video integrations Email integrations like slack, etc.

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