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Complete setup in the matter of Hours

Get your whole Voice Logger infrastructure up and running in a matter of hours.

Highest Quality Hardware

Haloocom Voice Logger provides you with the Highest Quality Hardware that will have a low chance of breakdown during the entire time of operations.

Cost Effective

Highly cost-effective communication solution that can be easily scaled according to your growing business needs.

All the options you need in an exceedingly call centre software package to expeditiously manage your client call centre on the cloud – IVR, decision recording, routing & additional. No additional combating ancient systems like EPABX.

Our career Center software package provides:

Call Recording

Our call centre software package permits you to record calls, monitor them and build higher business choices. Helps in coaching agents, client dispute resolution and taking information-driven business choices to supply good customer expertise.


Think Google Analytics for your calls with our calling software package. Get careful analytics on all the campaigns you run with data on the standing of every decision and SMS. hear client feedback and improve your product/service mistreatment decision recordings, out there in your inbox

Automated decision and SMS

You can build machine-driven IVR calls to trace promoting ROI, collect client feedback, make sure COD orders, etc.

Missed decision Services

Missed decision to urge a service could be a terribly effective means of doing business. it’s additionally an unbelievably great tool for purchasers. raise your purchasers to offer an incomprehensible decision to variety and customise the response to fit your business.

Call Routing

Our automatic decision distributor calling software package routes call supported heaps of conditions like time of the day a client calls, the earth science a client is looking from or maybe the customer agency is calling software package.

Any business, with a client-facing team, that desires to contour client communication. A client support call centre up to five hundred agents will use Haloocom for calling software.

Set up a calling software in minutes. Add co-workers, produce a decision flow and you’re sensitive to go! Add/remove agents, virtual numbers and increase or decrease the number of calls without fear regarding the infrastructure. Add/remove agents, virtual numbers and increase or decrease the number of calls without fear regarding the infrastructure. No payment on infrastructure came upon or maintenance.

Haloocom Specialises in providing complete Enterprise Telephony solutions and also have extensive IP PBX solutions. Look into our GSM Gateway and Predictive Dialer solutions to get a complete overview of Business Communication package.

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With Reliable and Support, Haloocom Calling Software can provide the following advantages.

With Reliable and Great Support, our Voice Logger can provide the following advantages.

Increase Productivity Up to 3x with

Increase Operational Efficiency

75% Cost Optimization

Almost Zero Cost for inter Office Network Calls

High Portability

Extensive Feature Set

Haloo Connect is the most advanced Call Center Dailer Software in the market with latest features. Our features are designed to maximise the productivity of your call centre operators and helping them improve focus on converting those calls.

Predictive Dial Out Algorithm

High Density Call Queue Mgmt

Live Report Dashboard with Notifications

Call Recording

Sticky Agents

WhatsApp Notifications

Auto MIS Mail Notifications

Integrated Instant Chat

Robo Calling with LCR


10 K+
30 %

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