Make a phone call straight from your web browser

Eliminate the Need for a Separate Calling App – Make and Receive Phone Calls Directly from Your Web Browser with Haloocom’s Innovative VoIP Technology. Start Making Calls with a Simple Click Today!

Gone are the days when you needed a traditional desk phone or cell phone to make a call. With Haloocom, you can now make and receive phone calls straight from your web browser. No need to download any additional calling apps – Haloocom’s VoIP technology allows you

To get started, simply log into Haloocom in your preferred web browser. Whether you prefer to use Chrome, Firefox, or another browser, Haloocom is compatible with them all. Once you’re logged in, you can take advantage of Haloocom’s Click-to-Call technology. As the name suggests, this feature lets you make calls by simply clicking on a button or phone number within your browser. This can be a call button on a company’s web page or a phone number in an email you receive in your Chrome browser. To make a call, simply click or right-click on the phone number, and Haloocom will connect you in a matter of seconds.

With Haloocom, making and receiving phone calls has never been easier. Sign up for a free trial and get your phone number in minutes, and start making calls from your web browser today!

Transform Your Communication Experience with Haloocom - More Than Just a Cloud Business Phone System.

Experience Seamless Communication with Haloocom – Beyond Ordinary Phone Calls. Video Meetings, Instant + SMS/MMS Messages, and More, All Available from Your Computer or Mobile Device, or Directly from Your Web Browser.

Haloocom - Unified Communication

Truly Unified Communications

Simplify Your Communication with Haloocom – All-In-One Solution for Phone Calls, SMS Messages, Video Meetings with Screen Sharing, and More. No More Toggling Between Windows or Tabs, No More Multiple Tool Subscriptions.

Plays nice with different devices

Seamless Integration with Haloocom – Compatible with a Wide Range of Devices for a Flawless Communication Experience. Unleash the Power of Multi-Device Communication with Haloocom – Effortlessly Connect Across iOS, Android, PC, and Mac Devices.

Haloocom - Platform Independent
Haloocom - Call Forwarding

Effortless Call Forwarding with Haloocom

Never Miss a Critical Call Again with Haloocom – Enjoy Maximum Call Coverage with Up to Five Call Forwarding Numbers. Route Calls to a Colleague, Your Cell Phone, or Another Landline with Ease.

Take Control of Your Time with Haloocom's Do-Not-Disturb Mode

If you need to concentrate and engage in deep work, simply activate the Do Not Disturb mode on Haloocom. This will prevent any disruptive pop-up notifications and automatically divert incoming calls to your voicemail.

Haloocom - D ND
Haloocom - CRM Integration

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Tools

Do you utilize Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Outlook, or other applications? Haloocom offers comprehensive integration with a variety of software to integrate a dialer directly within those customer relationship management systems. This allows you to initiate a new call without having to continuously switch between different windows.

Initiate Phone Calls Directly from Your Browser with Haloocom

Making phone calls directly from your browser is a game-changer for increasing work efficiency. You won’t have to constantly switch devices, hunt for your misplaced phone, or memorize phone numbers. Simply log into your Haloocom account through your browser and you’ll be able to make calls instantly. Give it a try today!

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