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Spyder :

Your Browser, Your Extension


Due to the pandemic, Like rest of the world, all the recruiters of this Headhunting Firm were forced to operate & Work from Home. Due to Lack of Secured VPN environment & enormous cost associated with it, the company was forced to ask their recruiters to use their personal Mobile phones for all calls. The Major challenges associated with Recruiters using their personal mobile phones to make calls were at large, to name a few;

  1. No Track or Audit on the number of calls being made
  2. No Voice recording
  3. Callers receiving such calls, misusing Female recruiters mobile number, by sending them random SMS, WhatsApp messages & Calls during odd hours
  4. Reconciliation of expenses


This is when the headhunting firm reached out to Haloocom for a solution. Haloocom implemented its SPYDER (Browser Based) Business cloud service for users spread across the country. Spyder was easy to setup & secured with Web RTC technology.

Spyder was a massive solution for all the challenges, few listed below:

  1. Centralized Calling & Administration
  2. Recruiter’s Browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla) became the extension.
      • No 3rd party app or plugin download
      • No IP Phone, Soft Phone or Recruiter’s personal mobile
  3. Whenever Recruiter makes a call, the call is routed via the Headhunting Firms GSM trunk located at Haloocom’s Cloud platform. This ensures that Recruiters Mobile number is not published anywhere
  4. All Calls were recorded
  5. All Performance reports were made available


Architecture –

Spyder can also help your company by increasing productivity & efficiency. Please contact us to transform your business.

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