Surprising IP PBX Features

Surprising IP PBX Features that you can Benefit from

A Private Branch Exchange is the spine of most modern businesses around the world. All the calls and communications go through the business telecommunication systems that have been set in place. Making reliability and quality specifications the most important criteria for selecting a PBX provider. But since the advent of IP Phones in the marketplace, a whole new slew of features and extensions with your PBX systems have opened up. If you are not convinced that investing in an IP PBX system with extensive feature set is worthwhile. Here are a few points of surprising IP PBX features to suggest that you are missing out on some of the exciting possibilities that your simple looking phone can accomplish.

Extremely cheap international calls

Prohibitively expensive international calls occupying large portions of your telephone bills? You can cut them down to size with an IP PBX system. Rather than using the Public Switched Telephone System (PSTN), an IP PBX system can also use the internet to make your calls. This helps in reducing the cost of your international calls at a fraction of what it would take in a landline network. 

What’s more interesting is that you can even assign a different area code for your phone than where it is available at. All you have to do is mention the requirement while registering with an IP PBX provider.

Call Recording, IP PBX Feature with hidden benefits

A call recording functionality captures a telephone conversation and stores it in a hard disk, server or any other storage place of your choice. Recorded voice calls are crucial for backend analytics and driving modern AI algorithms, which is available with Halooxchange IP PBX solution suite. Even in normal business scenarios call recording has several important use-cases and comes quite in handy in various situations such as: 

  • Eliminates the need for written records for all conversations.
  • Monitor the actual performance of your salesmen and customer service departments.
  • Know where to provide suggestions to improve the performance of your employees.

Redirect Calls Anywhere and Everywhere

Is your manager not available to take the call right now? Or do you want multiple people to attend an extremely important call with your client? With features such as automatic redirects and call Bridge Conference, you have the ability to redirect calls anywhere and everywhere.

Conference calls are helpful for project meetings, sales presentations, regular team meetings and training sessions. This feature alone can be attributed to one of the most important factors in increasing the productivity of a company after they have installed an IP PBX system. 

Track everything, the most surprising IP PBX Feature

In this age of compounding growth of data, why miss out on it for tracking your telecommunication infrastructure. With an IP PBX system in place, you have the ability to do that. Crucial metrics for monitoring the health of your telephony infrastructure and productivity such as bandwidth, call origin, call cost, call destination and usage can be easily tracked and measured. With a little more investment and integration with other office applications such as CRM, you can have the ability to track the performance of your entire organisation and other hidden patterns that you may not be able to uncover otherwise. 

With such integrations, you can also integrate and unify all the data under single infrastructure enabling better decision making and smoothening the communication between various teams, vocally and practically!

If you would like to know more about how IP PBX can benefit your enterprise, 

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