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                                                                               CASE STUDY

“A Global Electric Appliances brand that improved its Contact Center’s Operational Efficiency massively using Haloocom’s Video Chat”

Haloocom’s Video Chat option has been Setting the Market Trend!

Since the launch of Haloocom’s Video Chat option, there has been tremendous response from the market. Right from many contact centers wishing to implement Video chat for their customer service division to many competing brands of Haloocom soon building & launching similar solutions for their customers, sends a clear indication that Video Chat is going to add real value in days to come.

Below is a case study of Haloocom’s Video Chat based Contact Center application being used for multiple scenarios.

Pain Area

  1. Availability of Field Technicians
  2. Sending the Field Technicians to Customer’s house for resolution
  3. Customer Skeptical about allowing a Technician to visit their house, fearing the infection spread in these tough times


  1. The company upgraded the existing Haloocom’s Contact Center application with the Video Chat module.
  2. Whenever, a Call lands on the 1800 toll-free number, the agent makes note of the nature of the issue. At a click of a button, a Video Chat link is sent to the customer via SMS & Whatsapp.
  3. Customer then clicks the link (no external app to be downloaded), opens a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) on his/her phone along with the Agent.
  4. Agent is able to now see the real situation on-site and is able to suggest step-by-step troubleshooting methods to the customer.

Connect 4.0 Process Flow


It was found that using the Video Chat module, the Company was able to resolve 65% of all incoming queries that originally had a requirement of a Field Technician’s visit at Customer’s House.

There are numerous other ways to Use Haloocom’s Video Chat option, it can be integrated with the Customer’s website or existing Mobile app. To know more, please contact your RM at Haloocom or the Authorized Preferred Partner in your region.

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