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Connect 4.0 - Haloocom's Contact Center Application Connect 4.0 – Haloocom’s Contact Center Application

We have launched Connect 4.0 – the most updated version of Haloocom’s popular Contact Center Application – Connect. This Product is the result of a thorough research with the Industry Leaders & deep-dive analysis of Global Contact Center Market Needs.

Haloocom spent months doing research & used tons of Analytics to decide on the skillset and features for the 4.0 Connect Contact Center Application. The team narrowed it down to 3 high-level objectives & spent close to 12 months building a Smarter, Faster & Futuristic Version of the Connect Application.

What is New in Connect 4.0?

  1. Faster & Smarter

Haloocom re-built the Connect 4.0 on the Python framework, making the whole application much Faster & Robust. The Application is now also capable to handle Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, making it much more Robust & Smarter.

  1. Video Calling

Connect 4.0 comes with an integrated Video Calling capability, where an Agent Can create a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) & Can speak to the customer over a Video. This feature allows the customer to get into a Video Call with the Agent in JUST 1 CLICK. No Specific Apps to be downloaded on either side.

Video Calling will boost the brand reputation & customer service satisfaction massively, generating tons of loyal customers.

  1. Whatsapp Chat

Whatsapp being the most commonly used chat application by users around the globe, Connect 4.0 comes with an integrated Whatsapp Chat integration, allowing Customers & Agents to chat with each other. A comprehensive report that can capture the details of the messages sent & received is an add-on.

  1. Screen Recording

Quality monitoring has been on a all time high in recent past, most of the Call Center use Voice Recording as a tool of Quality Management & Audit. However – the dynamics of a Contact/Call Center operations have changed & they mostly rely on the Data being Captured. Screen Capture Tool, allows a default Screen Capture while on an active call, that Records the activity on the Screen & is made available via a dashboard to the Quality Monitoring & Audit team. Now, Contact Centers will have an option of Voice & Screen Recording with Haloocom’s Connect 4.0


These features are sure to add a lot of value to a new or existing BPO, Call Centers, Contact Centers, and Collection Agencies. Haloocom understands the core fact that every customer is unique, their business process to reporting structure varies. Hence – Haloocom has built multiple Workflow & Pre-defined APIs to fulfill all sorts of Customizations. Haloocoms Connect 1.0 to 3.0 versions have been integrated successfully with all the leading CRM Applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive & Teams