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COVID-19 Pandemic has not Stopped this Church to Keep the Spirit & Faith of its believers Alive

Apostolic Faith Church in Botswana conducted their Regular Mass via Haloocom’s Go Live, Streaming it Live to over 8 Churches, 500 people & 100+ participants from their homes.

The Church Management & the Senior priests did understand that Covid-19 is here to stay & the world needs to live & move on with it, at the same time follow complete precautionary measures in the interest of the human race.

Apostolic Faith church in Botswana


Technology today has a solution to avoid mass gatherings at the church, but at the same time reach millions of believers around the globe with its messages and prayers. This will continue to instill Confidence, Faith & Spirit in the human race, which is most crucial during these tough times of pandemic.

Haloocom’s Go Live was specifically customized for the very same purpose for the Apostolic Faith Church. The listing below the highlights of this execution.

  1. Haloocom’s Botswana team did the on-site research to identify the bandwidth & infra requirement  at the main church + the 7 branch Church
  2. The Local team Coordinated with all the Church & local service providers to get the required infra in place.
  3. Haloocom then set up the Go Live (Video Conference & Webinar) infra at the Main Church, using a Laptop with HD Camera & Mic.
  4. Haloocom team then setup Projectors with a screen in the rest of the church.
  5. A priest from the Main Church conducted the Mass & Prayers, which was Live Streamed to the rest of 7 Churches + allowed many other participants to join from their home.



go live architecture

Haloocom’s Go Live is a Web-based Video Conference & Live Streaming tool. It has extensive features, similar to many other Applications like – Zoom, Bluejeans, Polycom with a Major difference that it does not need any 3rd Party app to be installed in an android phone or a laptop.


Instance :

A 72 year Old Man was in overjoy, when he was able to login to the Go Live Video Calling link in less than 10 seconds from his phone – All, At a click of a button on that link. It’s that Simple with Haloocom’s Go Live

Ease of use with no external app to be downloaded & loaded with cutting edge features, Go Live will make a difference in user experience. A few of the most important features are:

  1. Secured Virtual Room
  2. Share Screen
  3. Chat
  4. Raise Hand
  5. Youtube Streaming
  6. 100% Recording

Go Live’s event solution allows anyone to join. Whatever technology, whatever the vendor, or whatever the location. Haloocom’s Go Live is the best way to open up video conferencing to everyone. This cloud solution can be deployed for both new and existing video conferencing users via desktop, Laptop, or mobile.

Haloocom’s Go Live can be used & applied under multiple scenarios, right from Church to a Hospital or a Start-Up wishing to Live Stream to millions of users around the globe or their own employees.

The Church has now finally decided to continue with the same solution for the next 6 months & has also decided to conduct their internal meetings & discussions via Haloocom’s Go Live.

Video Conference Technology & Live Streaming today has removed all boundaries. Communication & Collaboration has no restriction & that is #Limitless

Go Live is Currently Available in the African Continent only

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