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Haloocom is proud to be the Communication Partners for the World Education Forum. World Education has Changed Lives through education for half a million children and adults in 20 countries.

Founded in 1951, World Education had been on a mission to Improve the Wellbeing of millions of Orphans, Vulnerable Children and their Families affected by HIV, AIDS  & Poverty.


World Education of Ghana wanted to establish a dedicated Inbound Helpline that offers instant help to any individual in distress. All types of distress individuals should be able to reach out to the 24×7 helpline & register their concern right from bullying, Forced Marriage, Forced or Child labour to Poverty and this should allow the concern Representatives to quickly initiate relief steps.


Haloocom offered its Connect+ CRM solution with inbuilt Telephony capabilities.A 24×7 Toll Free helpline was setup, Advisors with Strong Training were given credentials to access the Connect+ CRM that had all the data points, history of a Caller.

Based on the call type, Advisor was able to:

Categorize the Nature of Call under multiple types like – Bullying, Forced Marriage, Child or Forced Labour & many more. The background of the caller was captured in the form of a Child bride, Teenage mother, Living with disabilities & many more. Type of Perpetrator was also captured, for the advisor to decide on the next course of action, including intervention from the Law & Order authorities.
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24×7 Helpline with 100% connectivity under 120 seconds.

100% Audit Log with Data – all in one place.


Follow up actions. Follow up reminders.

Historical data.

100% Call Recording for Audit Purpose.

Each Call was categorized under Safe or Not Safe.

Dynamic Escalations for Not Safe Instances for quicker resolution. SMS integration.

Real-Time Reports with Tracking until an instance is marked as Safe & the case is closed.

Integration with external applications for real-time notifications for instances that needs urgent attention.

It is great to see the accomplishments of this body & be a part of an ever-evolving mission. If World Education is a tree, with branches currently reaching out all over the world, then its root, buried deep in the soil of Lucknow, India, is Literacy House.
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