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Hexa 101: Essential Training Tips for Operating Your Multilingual Voice Bot

By leveraging these advanced tricks, you can create a truly innovative and efficient multilingual voice bot that exceeds customer expectations and delivers exceptional experiences across languages in your contact center.

Here are some tricks to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your multilingual voice bot in the contact center:

Hexa 101: Essential Training Tips for Operating Your Multilingual Voice Bot
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  • Accent and Dialect Handling: Train your voice bot to understand various accents and dialects within each supported language. Voice Bot ensures accurate speech recognition and response, even for customers with heavy regional accents or unique dialects.
  •  Code-Switching Detection:  Implement code-switching detection capabilities, allowing your voice bot to seamlessly handle conversations where the customer mixes multiple languages interchangeably, such as switching between English and Hindi mid-sentence.
  •  Contextual Language Switching: Rather than relying solely on language detection, contextual language switching should be enabled. This allows the voice bot to infer the preferred language based on the conversation’s context, customer profile, and other cues.
  •  Multilingual Small Talk: Train your voice bot in multilingual small talk and casual conversation abilities. This helps build customer rapport and makes interactions feel more natural and human-like across languages.
  •  Emotion and Sentiment Analysis: Implement emotion and sentiment analysis capabilities to detect the customer’s emotional state and tone in any language. The voice bot can adjust its response style and language accordingly for a more empathetic experience.
  •  Multilingual Voice Masking Offer: multilingual voice masking options, allow customers to choose the voice bot’s accent and language for a more localized and familiar experience.
  •  Multilingual Branding and Persona:  Develop unique multilingual personas and brand voices for your voice bot, tailoring its communication style, tone, and language use to align with your brand’s identity in each target market.

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