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HEXA AI IVR: Improve Customer Experience with Inbound Voice Bot, No DTMF, Just Voice Responses.

HEXA AI-powered IVR systems improve customer experience by providing pre-programmed options and responses, addressing the limitations of traditional IVR systems, ultimately increasing customer happiness and overall business performance.

What is Hexa AI IVR?

HEXA AI IVR systems utilize advanced technology, including speech recognition, to improve customer experience and streamline services. These systems reduce wait times, understand customer queries, and offer automated responses, enhancing businesses’ products and marketing strategies.

Features of HEXA AI IVR:

• Automate 70% of Inbound Call Handling:
HEXA IVR is designed to handle a significant portion of inbound calls autonomously. This automation ensures that the system efficiently manages routine and repetitive tasks, allowing human agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer queries.

• Build IVR in Less Than 4 Minutes:
The Self Builder feature of HEXA IVR enables users to construct a fully functional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in less than 4 minutes. This rapid setup empowers businesses to adapt quickly to changing call centre needs and efficiently deploy customized IVR structures.

• Convert Text to Audio on the Fly in Less Than 10 Seconds:
HEXA IVR offers dynamic text-to-speech capabilities, allowing the system to convert text-based information into audio. This feature ensures that responses to customer queries are prompt, accurate, and delivered in a natural and human-like voice within seconds.

• Select from 100s of Accents:
HEXA IVR provides various accents, including Indian, American, British, and various Asian English accents. This selection caters to a global audience, creating a more personalized and relatable experience for callers based on their linguistic preferences.

Create a call flow, Tree-Like Structure with Unlimited Levels & Sublevels:
The IVR system in HEXA allows for creation of a highly customizable tree-like structure with unlimited levels and sublevels. This enables businesses to design intricate call flows, providing callers with a smooth and tailored navigation experience based on their needs.

• Data Retrieval with Database Integration:
HEXA IVR seamlessly integrates with databases, allowing real-time data retrieval during customer interactions. This integration ensures that the IVR system has access to the latest and most relevant information, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of responses.

Benefits of HEXA AI IVR

  • Increased self-service:   Intelligent, user-friendly, and human-like IVR interfaces guarantee that more callers will assist themselves.
  • Uniform customer experience through all channels:When customers switch between digital channels or escalate to an agent, keep the call context intact.
  • Greater comprehension of your client:You can provide better customer service if you know their goals and journeys.
  • Reduced irritation among callers:Nowadays, users want a simple method to complete tasks on their preferred channel without needing help from an agent. They want to avoid touch-tone inputs, confusing menu structures, or poor speech recognition.
  • Fewer spam calls:IVRs can filter or block spam calls, allowing only real callers to speak with agents.
  • Reduced human error:IVRs eliminate room for error by standardizing support responses for various issue categories.
  • Reduced handling time:IVRs manage customer intake and facilitate more self-service from customers, which cuts down on the time your agents must spend interacting with each of them.
  • Increased customer service accessibility:By allowing live agents to focus on more difficult problems and providing more access to customer service through the IVR itself, IVRs enable more customers to get help.
  • Managed live agent headcount:IVRs can scale almost infinitely and handle a significant portion of your customer call volume.

5 Reasons to Stop Using traditional DTMF IVR.

There is no denying that an IVR is more affordable than live agents. However, companies can no longer afford to let poor customer experience (CX) from using IVR drive customers away. Now, the challenge is to employ an IVR to reduce support expenses while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

Here are five key areas where your current IVR will likely let your customers down, along with tips on turning it from a liability into a customer service asset.

1. Traditional IVR doesn't talk to other channels.

The Issue: The company’s ineffective communication often leads to customers leaving or escalating to a more expensive channel, causing significant issues.
The solution: To increase customer experience, make the context and details of their IVR channel activity available to other channels, preventing customers from leaving the channel for assistance.

2. Traditional IVR needs to be more visual and mobile-friendly.

The issue: Customers visit your website when calling your IVR, indicating a desire for self-serve and visual interaction. Offering an outdated, confusing, and audio-only IVR can introduce customer frustration and make it easier to overcome.
The solution: To enhance the Customer experience of an IVR, consider pairing visual and voice experiences delivering interactive content to the caller’s smartphone or computer. Offer callers the option to complete their journey online via Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram, allowing them to complete their journey using their smartphone’s touch capabilities.

3. Traditional IVR needs to be web-aware.

The issue: These days, consumers begin their journey through digital platforms.
The solution: An IVR system should be web-aware, detecting customer context during calls, enabling real-time personalization and eliminating channel-switching issues, enhancing the customer service journey for digital-first consumers.

4. Traditional IVR is needed to help understand what customers are saying.

The issue: Legacy IVR platforms use outdated voice recognition technology, causing customers to speak unnaturally, slowing the process and causing frustration and errors.
The solution: Leading IVR platforms use natural language technology processing (NLP) to interpret customer-speaking language accurately, eliminating frustration and making calls easier. This eliminates speech recognition issues, keeping customers engaged throughout the journey and preventing abandonment due to speech recognition issues.

5. Traditional IVR is just plain and difficult to use.

The issue: IVR users often need more support due to complex user authentication or confusing menu options. It leads to a “once bitten twice shy” syndrome, causing reluctance to use the IVR again and a lack of confidence in problem-solving abilities.
The solution: Customer experience can be increased, and an improved IVR satisfaction can be provided by implementing natural language processing, web-aware IVRs, and digital engagement options.

With statistics like these, finding an IVR that customers would describe as easy to use might seem impossible. New technology advancements have made intelligent, connected IVR systems easy to deploy. Look for systems that integrate visual and voice, allow customers to authenticate identities, bypass irrelevant parts, and intelligently predict the next steps, instilling confidence in your IVR channel.

What makes HEXA AI IVR unique?

HEXA is an innovative AI IVR solution that uses AI to improve inbound voice interactions, automating up to 70% of repetitive calls. It uses advanced speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) to create complex IVR trees with unlimited levels and sublevels. HEXA also allows real-time data retrieval by integrating with databases and CRM, allowing customers to access information instantly. This AI-driven solution is a game-changer for call centers and help desks, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement. HEXA IVR provides a diverse range of accents.


HEXA, an AI-powered IVR system, transform customer Experience by utilizing speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP), eliminating the need for DTMF inputs.

HEXA AI IVR provides a diverse range of accents, including American, British, Indian, and Asian English, allowing callers to choose their preferred language.

HEXA AI IVR offers a user-friendly Self Builder feature, enabling businesses to quickly create personalized IVR systems, ensuring efficient and adaptable call center solutions.

HEXA, an AI-powered IVR, enhances consumer interactions by filtering and blocking spam calls, ensuring only authentic callers can communicate with live agents.

HEXA, an AI-powered IVR, enhances customer experience by providing intuitive voice responses, replacing DTMF inputs for a more natural and intuitive interaction.

HEXA AI IVR enhances self-service by providing intelligent, approachable interfaces, allowing more callers to assist themselves, enhancing customer experience.

The system utilizes natural language processing (NPL) and advanced speech recognition technology for seamless communication, eliminating the issues and errors associated with outdated voice recognition software.

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