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How Work From Home Solution (Contact Center Solution) can benefit employees?

Last year, the abrupt transition from on-premise to work-from-home operations was eye-opening for both contact centers and employees. Therefore, companies that had not previously implemented a remote-work strategy or switched to cloud platforms had some early difficulties. However, in a fast-changing, unpredictable economic climate, businesses reported realizing the benefits of having a remote staff. The WFH experience has been perceived positively by most contact center executives, who have stated that the model will become a permanent part of their operations beyond the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits of a work-from-home set-up for the employees and with Haloocom, you will surely get to have the best there is.

Benefits of WFH solutions for employees:

While working remotely is becoming more common, allowing teams to work from home has traditionally caused greater obstacles in some parts of the organization than in others. While new communications applications have made it simpler for certain employees to work from home, working remotely has grown more slowly in particular industries and occupations, such as contact centre workers, as management questioned if the practice would result in reduced productivity. But it is not true, working from home reaps relatively more benefits for the employees and the organization as a whole. The main benefits of working from home for your employees as well as your business include:

  • Better communication with the customers as well as co-employees

Work from home contact centre solutions makes it easier to manage day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on the customer experience as your employees will be able to comfortably communicate with the customers as well as their teammates from their homes.

  • It improves employees’ productivity

Employees who can work from home, contrary to conventional assumption, can actually be more productive. They are able to get more done in their personal lives while still completing their professional responsibilities effectively because they are in their own home.

  • It helps in reducing the costs

There are a variety of ways that having a remote workforce may save your organization money, but one of the most important is having fewer workers in the office. When you have employees in an office, you must pay for rent, utilities, and equipment that they will use during their shift. These costs can soon mount up and represent a significant portion of your budget. Allowing your staff to work from home gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere they choose. It also saves their expense of travel, food, and other things among it.

Why choose Haloocom for WFH Solution?

Haloocom is one of the premier names in providing effective communication solutions to businesses. And with that, we have developed our own work-from-home solution that can let your employees work from home easily as well as get your business ahead in the game by letting you manage the work effectively and efficiently. We know that work from home requirements are quite low compared to in-office working requirements and therefore, we have made our solution in such as way that it gives your employees, the comfort of working from home while giving you the control like working from an office. With Haloocom’s work from home setup, you can get to experience the following major benefits:

  • Control over inbound and outbound calls with complete data about the calls made by each employee. Whilst, your employees get to enjoy the predictive dialling feature along with the blended call handling application that allows them to handle calls easily.
  • It gives you real-time monitoring capabilities where you can see and track the call details from every employee of yours. This allows you to effectively track their work from home productivity.
  • Haloocom’s work from home solutions also offers reporting and analytics features that allow you to get a detailed insight into how your business is performing while being operated from the homes of your employees.
  • There is also the Voice Recording feature that gives you the ability to record calls, which gives you the advantage of analyzing the recorded calls for your business purposes.

While you get single options when you visit other brands, with Haloocom you get 4 different work from home solutions that you can choose from according to your specific requirements.

Our offerings include:

1.  Cloud Edge Computing Solution

2.  Voice Firewall with Session Controller

3.  Managed Cloud Service

4.  Haloo Way Android App



All of Haloocom’s offerings only take around 24-48 hours of deployment time giving you the ability to comfortably shift to work from home operations. With Haloocom, all your work from home operations will be taken care of easily and you’ll get the utmost efficiency out of them.

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