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Connectivity Of Multiple Bungalow,Our biggest celebrity brand has 3 Bungalows in Mumbai within 1 km radius of each other. The 1st Bungalow is the earliest residence,the 2nd is used for the purpose of official works. The 3rd premises are twin Bungalows in the same compound currently utilized as a residence of 2 families.

Until deployment of our solution, each bungalow had an independent Nitsiku Key Telephone System having 12, 24 & 40 extensions, 4, 6 & 6 analog telephone lines at each Bungalow’s respectively. All the telephone instruments used were Key Telephones of 24 keys.

Haloocom Deployed a Cloud Solution which saves money Bandwidth burden,provides staff with effective tools to help them to be more connected and productive and it has helped them to save on Monthly cost of their telephone bill.



Before the deployment of the Haloocom Telecommunication system. Their Existing system setup was Nitsiku systems that were in use for more than 20 years and long exhausted their working life. The support for the same had stopped 3 years ago due to non-availability of spares and Key Phones. The System had no IVR, Voice Logger or Support of CDR report available. The caller ID facility was provided by MTNL on telephone lines by connecting separate Caller Line Identity (CLI) units near the Main Distribution Frame (MDF).

Bungalow-to-Bungalow connectivity was happening through telephone line calls only. No inter-Bungalow connectivity was available over Intercom. Under the existing system, Call transfer from one Bungalow to another was not possible.


India Biggest Celebrity brand approached us to upgrade their current system so they can integrate a telephone network of 3 independent Bungalows. Their three Bungalows were at an average of 830m apart. The requirements and the challenges while implementing the system are as follows:  

  •       No new wiring was allowed in any of the Bungalows
  •       They wanted to utilize only Key Telephone Instruments and very few Wi-Fi IP phones
  •       Call recording should be only done as and when it is required.
  •       All the extension numbering is to be the same as earlier.
  •       The Connectivity between Bungalows should be done over extensions.
  •       Calls to be smoothly transferred between Bungalows.
  •       Call Conferencing must be facilitated within and between Bungalows with external callers.
  •       Maintaining 3 independent systems to avoid total breakdown of communications in case of system failure.
  •       CLI should be active on all phones.
  •       Exclusive VIP extensions that should not have access from some other extensions.


Connectivity of Multiple Bungalows Architecture

As mentioned earlier, the three Bungalow’s were at an average distance of 830 m apart. To cover such a considerable distance, we utilised fibre connectivity between Bungalows that has already been laid for CCTV networks.

The current EPABX system was connected through the PRI line with our latest next gen IP PBX system. The whole connection happened with the help of a SIP Connectivity. In this unique setup, they were able to use their old EPABX functionalities as well as the latest functionalities of IP PBX without any issues.

To smoothen the operations among the bungalow staff members, a level wise hierarchy was established to ensure every team personnel will be allowed to dial only to their current Reporting team manager.



Before implementing Haloocom Communication system, the residents of the Bungalows were using two trunk lines for calling & conference call purposes to connect with the people residing in the other bungalows. After our successful implementation, the residents and staff members are now able to direct and make calls to the people from other bungalows without the need of any trunk lines or extensions.

We have simplified the whole cross bungalow Communicaton System for customer.




The whole project was a huge Success for our team. With no issues or complaints from our clients during the whole setup process. Our engineers have been extraordinarily resourceful to come up with a solution which met their requirements, but were able to capitalise on existing infrastructure to bring the whole cost of setup down.

Providing the best communication solution possible to our clients is always our intent. As was shown here, we always go beyond what is required of our team and delight our customers.

If you would like to know how your existing communication setup can be improved or have a chat with our team. We would be delighted to hear from you Contact Us at 9972732222 or send an email to



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