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Haloocom is privileged to be the Communication Partner for an NGO – BONELA. NGOs play an important role in helping out the common man with their rightful demands and also try to help needy people in every possible way. Non – Governmental Organizations were there since the 18th century and it was estimated that there were around 1083 of them by 1914.

One of those NGOs is the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law, and HIV/AIDS. They committed to integrating an ethical, legal, and human rights approach into Botswana’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The idea for BONELA was launched as a component of the Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities Project in September 1995 and registered under the Societies Act in early 2002.

BONELA is governed by a Board, elected every two years and reflects a range of professional experience. The daily work of BONELA is carried out by its full-time staff. With a non-profit mandate, BONELA primarily receives financial assistance from local and international donor organizations but also raises funds through the sale of publications, other activities, and the support of individuals and members.


BONELA Network aims at ensuring the protection, promotion, and fulfillment of the right to health in Botswana. As a result of that, a dedicated Inbound and Outbound helpline for the people with health issues can reach them. They mainly focused on populations who are:
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Intersex (LGBTI) people
  • Sex Workers (SW)
  • People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
  • Children
  • Prisoners
  • Mineworkers
  • People with Disabilities (PWD)


Haloocom offered its Connect Contact Center Solution with inbuilt Telephony capabilities. The toll-Free helpline was set up. The background of the caller was captured in the form of People Living with HIV, people with disabilities, children, Sex Workers, and many more. According to the caller’s issues, the agent decides the next course of action by giving a solution in the call or by giving a call back later.


  •  Incoming Call – People in need can dial the Toll-Free Emergency number, which gets connected to a Live Agent in less than 30 seconds.
  • Outgoing Call – The agent can call back to the customers according to the remarks updated
    in the CRM.
  • IVR –Haloocom designed an IVR with an Auto Voice Bot that captures the human voice & executes the instructions.
  • Robo Calling Millions of numbers were automatically dialed out via Haloocom with Voice File message played to subscribers, with no manual intervention.
  • Real-Time Report – The customer was able to get complete details of the agent’s call activity and performance in real-time. Could also monitor the real-time dashboard where you can see whether the agents are in the call, disposition, paused, or in the break will get to know through the real-time dashboard.
  • Call Recording – The conversation between the agent and the customer was recorded 100%, for quality & audit purposes. It is great to be a part of BONELA, which is striving hard to protect people from severe health issues.

“Alone, we don’t make much of a difference. But together, we are strong to face any problem.”

“Listen to that little voice inside your head, make a small contribution towards a good cause.”