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What is Call Transcription? and Its Benefits in Contact Center

Transcriptions are helpful in this case at contact centers. These days, using call records and transcriptions is part of a successful customer support experience. Rather than spending hours listening to recordings, staff members can locate important information much more quickly by skimming written transcripts, which we’ll go over below, along with some tools that you may choose to use for your contact center or service team.

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What Is Call Transcription?

Call transcription means converting Voice Files to Plain Text Files. Call transcription is also known as speech-to-text (STT)transcription.
Call transcription can be done automatically by call transcription software, either in real-time or after a call has been recorded. One can manually type call transcriptions or use speech-to-text software.
Professional transcribers will listen intently to the calls during manual transcription and type out the information. Speech recognition technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to translate audio to text for automated services.

What are the Benefits of Call Transcription in Contact Center?

Call transcription is a crucial technological advancement that enhances business communication by converting phone conversations into written text, improving productivity, analysis, and communication tactics. Although there are numerous advantages, a few are listed below.

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  • Improving Sales Processes:
    Transcripts of phone calls can enhance the customer journey and simplify the purchasing process by providing insights and tailored recommendations. They help businesses remember conversations, personalize conversations and identify effective ideas while also reducing storage space compared to audio files.
  • Easy Ways to Review Interactions:
    Call transcripts provide real-time access to conversations, allowing for review and identification of missed details. They aid in making informed decisions, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and can be compared to live transcription, similar to listening to a recording.
  • Comprehensive Customer Conversation Tracking:
    Businesses can simply record and monitor all customer conversations and obtain insightful data about the needs, attitudes, and behaviours of their customers in relation to your product or service. View and analyze these transcriptions of call recordings to improve your comprehension of your clients and adjust your work accordingly.
    • Simplified Search and Quick Scanning:

    Call transcripts are digital text documents that can be scanned and processed quickly, making it easier to extract insightful information. These transcripts are stored in electronic documents like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, making them small and easy to use. Word searches can help locate specific information in a sea of text.


  • Improved Availability.
    Transcribing calls is an easy way to increase accessibility and help those who are hard of hearing or deaf. They are able to actively participate in meetings and conversations without any obstacles, thanks to real-time transcription. Using meeting transcription software can also help your team foster inclusive communication and engagement by making sure everyone feels appreciated and involved.
  • Useful for initiatives in training:
    Call transcripts serve as valuable training materials for onboarding and sales enablement, providing real-world examples and successful tactics. They can be included in training materials to ensure sales reps have real-world experience.
  • Protects Your Company.
    Transcripts offer legal, compliance, and security benefits for companies by recording entire conversations, similar to call recordings. They serve as written documentation of agent-client exchanges, demonstrating the resolution of issues. However, authorities may not require transcriptions, so it’s crucial to understand and incorporate applicable laws and regulations into business policies.

HEXA: Your Call Recording and Transcription Buddy

HEXA is a comprehensive, all-in-one Power-House of cloud phone system that comes loaded with a wide range of features, including but not limited to Voice Files, Plain Text Files, call recording, and Speech-to-text (STT) automatic transcription.|

OurAi Voice bot transcription service is customized to meet your needs

Upload your files and choose between having our highly skilled transcriptionists or our cutting-edge AI process them automatically. Export the outcome in accordance with your needs.

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Automatic transcription for contact centers:

Fast and cost-efficient solution for growing requirements

Automatic transcription is very helpful in Contact Centers, where there is a constant flow of conversations and information that needs to be processed. Making the most use of time and resources is essential, given the rising number of calls.

Contact centers can optimize their operations and save costs by automating the transcription process. Large amounts of data can be processed quickly with innovative AI technology, which can produce transcripts in a matter of minutes. In order to make wise decisions and deliver excellent customer service, this guarantees that managers and agents can easily obtain pertinent information.

Transcription human-made for contact centers:

Focus on accuracy and quality

For contact centers that aim for excellence, professional transcription is an essential tool in an atmosphere that values accuracy, superiority, and effective communication. Professional transcriptionists’ precise knowledge ensures precision, attention to detail, and a thorough comprehension of the information being conveyed.


Transcriptions produced by humans go beyond simple rewriting of conversations. They perfectly convey the atmosphere, tone, and minute details of conversations—all of which are crucial to the contact center. Technical terminologies or complex conversations are captured with accuracy and clarity to give a thorough understanding.

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