For most businesses, their most valuable and important asset is their customer. A well-known rapidly growing organization that is centrally servicing a fleet of eminent academic brands that are on-board to fuel their presence in the education sector had been searching for the right Contact center application that can fuel their agents’ productivity massively. They had unsuccessful associations & Failed results from many major Contact center application companies, as 5 out 5 companies were unable to fulfill Predictive dialing integration with their existing CRM (SalesForce). They finally ended up reaching out to Haloocom to fulfill their requirement. A Combination of Predictive Dialing with CRM increases the efficiency & productivity of the agents by 3x.


The client had to deal with a lot of student data on a daily basis that would come in through incoming and outgoing calls. Managing and moving crucial information around the business, with no real-time access to the error-free data, was time-consuming and repetitive as record-keeping and tracking would be performed manually. This would result in low productivity of the customer support team and deprived customer service. As the existing dialer software was unable to fulfill their requirement of Predictive dialing with their CRM, it had become a major problem for them.


Being the most Versatile in the Contact Center Application market, Haloocom successfully integrated CTI features like Predictive dialing, Inbound, Blended & Multiple queues handling for the client with its Salesforce CRM.


Case Study: Salesforce & Haloocom

The Haloocom Setup was integrated into the client’s premises with the calls operated and managed from inside the Haloocom Application Console opened in the browser. The support team could automatically view all data related to the customer while answering the call. If needed, they could do an easy lookup of other relevant data residing in Salesforce. They could easily enable, disable, hook into click-to-dial and get the data from the console. This allowed the support team to attend more calls over a day improving their productivity.


Representatives would log in with the Haloocom application where the Salesforce CRM is integrated in which the representatives have to make the SSO( Single Sign-on) of their credentials. 

Salesforce CRM had the student details updated where our CLICK2CALL and PREDICTIVE DIALER feature is integrated, where they could either click on the number to be dialed or receive an Automatic Predictive dialed Call. In both the cases, Salesforce CRM page would open with the Lead/Customer details.

A representative can pick the Inbound/Outbound call directly in Haloocom and there would be a LEAD POP UP on the screen with customer details if it existed on the same number he called, or he could be a new customer to be registered as a new case which redirects to open the new lead page of the Salesforce.

Call log details and query data are configured to be automatically saved in the CRM.

Salesforce CRM can push the data to the Haloocom Application where the representative can dial the lead that can be a manual or predictive call. 


  • This helped them to create a call flow ensuring zero customer data loss and a deeper understanding of the customer journey with the business.
  • CTI integrated with CRM not only helped our client’s customer to experience better service, but it also proved to be beneficial for the supervisors, as it supported call monitoring, call recording and real-time analytics with the help of which the supervisor was now easily able to evaluate the performance of the representative during an ongoing call and offer real-time assistance in case the representatives are struggling.
  • If there are no agents available to pick up a call, for say three seconds, a voice mail can automatically play to aid the caller, until an agent is available to pick up a call.
  • Standard reports like Average Call Handling time, Call Abandonment Rate and Dynamic reports like Daily Productivity Report helped provide user/team specific reports.
  • Enhanced the customer service through efficient handling of calls resulting in freeing up Agent’s time by almost 30%.
  • Reduced service times by routing the call intelligently to the most informed agent.
  • The representative team was given the Predictive call system, which enabled auto-dialing the numbers in the list available, thus reducing the manual work.

Haloocom has also done similar CTI integrations with Hubspot, Leadsquared & Zoho. Contact us now to improve your contact center productivity by 3X and achieve 62% cost optimization.

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