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The Evolution of Customer Service: Hexa’s Multilingual Voice Bot

Customer service has entered a new era of intelligent and instant support, thanks to multilingual voice bots like Hexa. Developed by Haloocom to transform business interactions across diverse Indian demographics, Hexa comprehends and converses in 6+ major regional languages.
With its linguistic versatility, Hexa enables real-time 24/7 customer assistance in preferred native tongues – eliminating frustrating barriers. This marks a game-changing shift from lengthy delays and robotic IVR interactions.

What is a Multilingual Voice Bot?

Multilingual voice bots are AI-powered conversational agents that can understand speech and respond verbally in multiple languages. They use natural language processing and speech recognition technologies to provide voice-based virtual assistance for customer service or other business interactions.

Observe wisely and act effectively.

By using our HEXA AI-powered multilingual voice bots, you may lower expenses while enhancing customer service. Our voice bots are designed to convey information more efficiently and rapidly, freeing up businesses to focus on other challenging area & the prime business. 

How Multilingual Voice Bot Works?

The caller asks a question: Users initiate interaction by posing inquiries or requests to the VoiceBot through a phone call in their own language.

Question audio streamed for conversion: The VoiceBot’s system processes the audio input, converting spoken words into digital format for further analysis.

The question returned as text: The converted audio is transcribed into text, creating a readable format for the system to interpret and respond to.

Text sent for NLP/NLU Analysis: The transcribed text undergoes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) analysis to comprehend the user’s intent and extract relevant information.

Response Corrected Text Return: After analysis, the system corrects any errors in the transcribed text to ensure accuracy in understanding the user’s query.

Text sent to be synthesized to TTS: The corrected text is then prepared for synthesis into speech through Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, generating an audible response.

Synthesized Audio response returned: The synthesized audio response is generated based on the processed text, providing a natural-sounding reply to the user’s inquiry.

Audio response streamed to the caller: Finally, the audio response is streamed back to the caller, completing the interaction loop and providing the requested information or assistance.

The Evolution of Smart Customer Service: How Hexa's Voice Bot is Transforming Interactions

The customer service domain landscape has been transformed with the advent of multilingual voice bots. Leading this change in the Indian context is Hexa – an AI-powered conversational agent created by technology innovators Haloocom.

Blending the Personal Touch of Native Languages with the Scale of Automation

Hexa has been specifically designed to understand and converse fluently in 6+ major regional Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, English, etc.. This allows businesses to provide personalized and instantaneous support to a pan-India customer base without language acting as a barrier.

By handing over high volumes of routine queries to Hexa, human agents are freed up to focus on handling complex issues and priority cases. The self-learning capabilities also enable Hexa to keep improving independently based on experience. This balanced blend of automation with the warmth of native-language connections enhances both customer delight and operational efficiency.

Overcoming Regional Complexities through AI Smarts

India’s linguistic richness spanning numerous accents, dialects, and sub-cultures poses challenges for voice recognition. Hexa overcomes these complexities with self-assurance through advanced AI techniques:

Natural Language Processing(NLP) accurately interprets regional phrases and sentiments.

Speech analytics derives insights from tone, pauses, and emotional cues.

Continual learning algorithms help improve understanding of colloquialisms.

This allows Hexa to carry meaningful, human-like conversations in customers’ language of choice.

Fueling Geographical Expansion and Revenue Growth

For global organizations, adopting multilingual voice bots like Hexa is a passport to tap into profitable markets beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries. It serves as a pivotal tool to drive customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, and revenue growth across geographies.

As AI advancements reshape customer service, Conversational agents like Hexa are the indicator of a new era of delivering efficient, engaging, and emotive support experiences.

Automated multilingual AI- Powered Multilingual voice bots offer a cost-effective, 24/7 customer support solution, eliminating the need for multilingual staff, training, and human resourcing, providing a seamless experience.

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