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Ozontel to Haloocom: Migration Case Study Driving Customer-Centricity through Agile Execution

Haloocom, a premier provider of cutting-edge communication solutions, exemplifies its commitment to customer satisfaction by valuing client feedback and actively incorporating it into product development.

This management case study showcases Haloocom’s exceptional collaboration with a leading HR & Financial services company, that was using Ozontel (cloud-based Telephony) services in the past, wished to enhance the telephony functionality, user interface, and the over-all workflow with an On-Premise Solution.

By meticulously addressing clients requirements and leveraging agile methodologies, Haloocom demonstrates its dedication to customer-centricity and product excellence.

Key Challenges and Customer Requirements:

1. Call History Enhancement:

Client expressed the need for comprehensive call history, requiring real-time access to all active fields during live calls. Haloocom promptly executed this enhancement, leveraging their agile development approach. Through iterative iterations and customer feedback loops, Haloocom incorporated the necessary changes to provide Client with a comprehensive call history module. The development team meticulously ensured that all active fields were accessible in real-time, empowering client to extract valuable insights from their call data.

2. Editable Call Log:

Client identified the need for an editable call log feature to complete tagging in case of missed updates during calls. Haloocom’s cross-functional teams swiftly responded to this requirement, engaging closely with Clients stakeholders. By conducting detailed consultations and refining the product roadmap, Haloocom delivered an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allowed the users to edit call logs seamlessly. This iterative approach fostered continuous collaboration between Haloocom and client, ensuring the final solution aligned perfectly with the customer’s expectations.

3. Real-time Dashboard Improvement:

 To provide Client with real-time insights, Haloocom extensively collaborated with their product design and development teams. By implementing agile methodologies such as Scrum, Haloocom quickly incorporated Clients feedback, refining the real-time dashboard to display call status and the number of agents currently engaged in calls. The iterative development cycles, coupled with rigorous quality assurance, enabled Haloocom to deliver a highly responsive dashboard that enhanced clients operational efficiency and monitoring capabilities.

4. Outbound Dialer Enhancement:

Haloocom treated clients concerns about the outbound dialer with utmost importance. The company deployed a dedicated team of experts, comprising engineers, UX designers, and QA specialists, to meticulously address the identified issues. By leveraging agile principles such as frequent customer collaboration and incremental development, Haloocom effectively resolved the challenges faced by Client, ensuring a seamless and efficient outbound dialing experience. The team’s deep understanding of Client’s unique business requirements enabled them to tailor the solution accordingly, further strengthening the partnership between the two organizations.

5. Transfer Option with Park:

Recognizing Clients need for clarity regarding the transfer option with park functionality, Haloocom exhibited exemplary agility in their response. Through comprehensive communication channels and close collaboration, Haloocom’s product managers engaged in regular discussions with Client’s stakeholders, addressing their queries and concerns. This transparent and iterative approach fostered a shared understanding of the desired functionality. Subsequently, Haloocom’s engineering team diligently implemented the necessary enhancements, ensuring that the transfer option with park functionality met Client’s specific requirements.

6. Mandatory Fields in Agents Screen:

Client desired all fields on the agents’ screen to be mandatory for improved data completeness. Haloocom promptly undertook the task of making all fields mandatory on the agents’ screen. Through efficient collaboration between their development and quality assurance teams, Haloocom meticulously implemented this requirement, ensuring that Clients agents capture all necessary information accurately, bolstering data integrity and operational efficiency.

7. Timed Voice Blast:

Client required the ability to schedule specific timings for voice blasts. Recognizing the significance of this functionality, Haloocom’s project management team facilitated in-depth discussions with Client to understand their specific requirements. Leveraging their technical expertise, Haloocom successfully integrated the capability for timed voice blasts into the auto dialer solution, allowing Client to reach their target audience effectively and at their preferred time slots.

8. Voice Blast with Text-to-Speech:

Understanding the need for personalized communication, Haloocom skillfully incorporated voice blast functionality with text-to-speech capabilities. Collaborating closely with Client, Haloocom ensured that customers could upload mobile numbers and customize message content through an intuitive interface. By harnessing advanced speech synthesis technology, the auto dialer dynamically converted text messages into voice, enabling Client to deliver personalized messages to their recipients, fostering effective communication and customer engagement.

9. Enhanced Admin Feature for Screen Labels:

Client provided feedback regarding the limitations of the existing Admin feature for managing screen labels. Haloocom recognized the need to empower Client with greater control and flexibility. By thoroughly assessing the requirements, Haloocom reimagined the Admin feature, enabling users to easily identify previously used fields for other campaigns. The revamped Admin feature empowered admin to efficiently manage and customize screen labels according to their unique campaign needs, fostering autonomy and reducing dependency on Haloocom support.

10. SMS Integration and Feedback:

Client expressed the need for seamless SMS integration to send feedback messages to customers after call completion. Haloocom recognized the importance of post-call customer engagement and promptly integrated SMS functionality into the auto dialer. Collaborating closely with Client, Haloocom facilitated seamless API integration, enabling automated feedback messages to be sent to customers. This enhancement empowered Client to deliver a superior customer experience by promptly and efficiently following up on calls.

Revolutionizing Call Management for Client, a Success Story after Ozonetel's Challenges

In the fiercely competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount to success. Client – a renowned company, once faced predicaments in call routing and cost optimization while collaborating with Ozonetel, a prominent telecom solution provider. Suboptimal call handling and exorbitant expenses tarnished their ability to meet customer expectations and hindered growth. However, Clients fortuitous encounter with Haloocom, a premier communication platform, marked a remarkable turning point.

Benefits for Client with Haloocom

1.Intelligent Call Routing:

Haloocom’s cutting-edge communication platform empowered client with intelligent call routing algorithms, ensuring that each caller reached the most appropriate agent swiftly, thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

2. Cost Optimization:

Recognizing the significance of cost-effectiveness, Haloocom implemented a thoughtfully engineered pricing model, enabling Client to optimize expenses while maintaining an unparalleled level of service quality.

3. Tailored Solutions:

Understanding the unique intricacies of Client’s business, Haloocom diligently crafted bespoke communication solutions that flawlessly aligned with their evolving needs, instilling a sense of confidence and control.


1. Exponential Growth:

Empowered by Haloocom’s agile call management system, Client witnessed exponential growth in customer acquisition and retention, expanding their market share substantially.

2. 3X Productivity:

With Haloocom’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface, Client experienced heightened agent productivity, leading to quicker issue resolution and improved customer engagement.

3. Cost Reduction:

Haloocom’s cost-optimized framework dramatically reduced Clients telecom expenditure, fostering financial resilience and freeing up valuable resources for strategic investments.

4. Customer Delight:

Armed with Haloocom’s exceptional call handling capabilities, Client achieved a higher level of customer delight, elevating their brand reputation and fostering long-lasting loyalty.


In summary, Haloocom’s transformational impact on Client’s communication infrastructure exemplifies how a client-centric approach and cutting-edge technology can surmount challenges and unlock unprecedented growth. By addressing the limitations of Ozonetel’s solution, Haloocom proved to be the quintessential partner, seamlessly aligning with Client’s vision and propelling them towards unrivaled success. In the ever-evolving realm of business telecommunications, Haloocom’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity stands as a beacon of excellence, heralding a new era of communication prowess for organizations worldwide. Haloocom’s exceptional collaboration with Client showcases the organization’s unwavering commitment to customer-centricity and continuous product improvement. By effectively addressing all points raised by Client, Haloocom not only demonstrated their technical prowess but also showcased their agility, adaptability, and willingness to go above and beyond to meet client expectations. This management case study serves as a testament to Haloocom’s ability to transform customer insights into tangible product enhancements, solidifying their reputation as a trusted communication solutions provider.

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