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Gone are the days, when the only option for a Customer to register his/her complaint was via a 24×7 support line. Today, with Haloocom’s Complaint Management Solution, there are multiple ways to register a complaint:

  1. SMS
  2. EMAIL
  3. Call
  4. Social Media
  5. Mobile App

Haloocom’s CMS offers 100% Customer Satisfaction, as the Tool offers Myriad Futuristic methods of Connectivity, your customer can register a complaint VIA:

  1. Virtual Meeting Room– Creates a Huge Impact with Customers, imagine you get to See the person Live via Video Calling & register your complaint (“Wow, this has not happened before”)
  2. Whatsapp Chat – Even if the call is over, you continue chatting with Support specialist & get real time updates
  3. Call with Sticky Agents – Support desk dedicated number, Sticky Agent ensures the call lands to the same agent who handled the query in the previous call
  4. IVR – Automated Voice, Capturing the issue with real-time feedback


Dynamic Ticketing System, offers the following power features:

  1. End to End Ticket Management
  2. Auto Multi Level Escalation depending upon the severity or nature of the issue reported, via Email or SMS
  3. SLA adherence & Management
  4. Dynamic Workflow & Layout, all fields, layouts, Workflow can be created by the Administrator itself
  5. Dynamic Report Generation

Haloocom’s Complaint Management solution suits all kinds of companies – Be it Startups, SME’s or Enterprises. Any size of the company or any type of process, Haloocom’s Complaint Management System can easily fit into any company or process & help you increase your team efficiency & overall improve your productivity. Available in both On-Premise & Cloud Model.

If you would like to know how your over Customer Service helpdesk can be improved or have a chat with our team. We would be delighted to hear from you.Contact us at 9972732222 or send an email to

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