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The Indian Telecommunications Industry is one of the leading industries across the globe and plays a key role in the country’s development. This continual transformation is currently being driven by a massive surge in data traffic across the various telecom networks. The telecom industry is witnessing a fundamental shift from a voice-centric to a data-centric market resulting in a sudden increase in cloud computing, mobility and data centers. Mobility, cloud services, better Internet, and IoT are transforming the way we communicate. Organizations are increasingly migrating from using conventional modes of communication to adopting enterprise communication solutions with various advancing technologies having completely revolutionized the working process of any business. The future of enterprise telecom is predicted to be mobility as the effectiveness of any organization’s communication systems forms a crucial part of a business and its working. And Haloocom, a major player in the modern telecom service provider has a lot to offer.

Organizations are now on the lookout for an enterprise communication solution that ensures effective and efficient communication anywhere anytime. Businesses are searching for a solution that is fault-tolerant, increases productivity and operational efficiency is reliable, easy to use, and flexible to adapt to changing technological and business demands at an economical cost.

Future-ready and perfectly equipped to meet every customer’s unique requirements is Bangalore headquartered Haloocom that have centralized an enterprise’s various communication technologies onto a single, powerful platform that is flexible and adaptable for small & large businesses. “What sets Haloocom apart from its competitors is that it is primarily designed around the concept of workplace mobility. This approach has enabled the brand to create unique innovations and product launches that have resonated with the business community and has led to unparalleled response and demand from the market,” informs Levis Wilson, CEO at Haloocom. He is also the Founder & Chairman for Estontec Group which manages two other successful & rapidly growing brands in India apart from Haloocom which is Brandon Wheelz and Kottanz. He has built Successful Enterprise Communications & IoT brands in India previously, which went global and hence has thorough understanding of the market needs and trends.

Ensuring Effortless Communications
The platform, designed and developed by the team of skilled experts at Haloocom, is an open architecture design, permitting customers to seamlessly integrate any number of common applications. “Haloocom Unified Communication is also crucial for enterprises adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, because any device—including an employee’s mobile device of choice— can be added to the system. We also have security protocols in place to prevent any unauthorized operations and ensure that the system’s overall integrity remains safe and uncompromised,” adds Levis.

Extending a Comprehensive Suite of Solutions
Haloocom enriches its customers experience with four of its main products which are Haloo Xchange – Enterprise Communication system, Next Gen IP PBX, Haloo Connect – Contact Center Application, Go Live (Powered by Bluejeans) – Video Conference for the modern work place and Haloo Way – Location based Services based on the IoT Platform. If any customer is looking at setting up Haloo Xchange IP PBX, the highly trained professionals at Haloocom help organizations setup its business communication in a couple of hours with no initial investment. It is a 100 percent Opex – SaaS model. Levis explains that the offering is a (SaaS) rental model that permits one to purchase enterprise software without paying upfront license fees thus implying that the software becomes an operational expense (Opex). Built as a robust system that can be leveraged to drastically improve an organizations productivity by a whopping 75 percent, the PBX system supports all kinds of telephones whether it is IP, Analog or GSM based. One can connect anywhere between 10 to 10000 extensions with the system. Some of its other key features are speech recognition, call recording, IVR, call bridge conference, third party CRM integration and multi office connectivity to name a few.

Striving to continue keeping its customers completely satisfied, one of the key achievements of the Haloocom Contact Center application is that it alone manages two million calls every single day. The team’s goal is to provide top-notch service to its massive customer base, which helps them grow ten times more and significantly improve the efficiency of their workforce. “All products of Haloocom were carefully designed by keeping in mind that the Future of Enterprise Telecom is going to be mobility. The concept of Mobility sets us apart from our competitors.We have had tremendous growth, innovations, product developments & Beta roll outs since Jan 2017 and we have received excellent responses from the market,” says Levis.

Enhancing Customer Experience
An end-to-end solution provider, Haloocom perfectly understands the need for post-implementation support and thus has put in place its state-of the-art Global Technical Support Center. It operates 24×7 with Support NOC that caters to more than 100 of its clients. The company possesses the expertise of implementing over 5000 Telecom projects across the globe. Levis recounts one of its renowned clientele, CNN News18, India’s largest English News channel, approached Haloocom for its services in order to meet its set of unique and exhaustive requirements. In 2019, CNN News18 was the only channel in India to cover all the counting centers during the election season.

The news channel had put in place more than 100 reporters at all the polling booths in the 16 states and were handed the task of reporting real-time election counting, an attempt at making its general election counting broadcast the fastest and most reliable. In order to enable this feat and ensure a smooth process sans any interference, CNN News 18 teamed up with Haloocom as their official communication partner where Haloocom was acting as their communication provider during the Central election-counting day on 23rd May 2019. Levis reveals, “We were promptly able to provide them with a solution, which would facilitate instant communication between reporters at the polling booth and live reporting happening at their central hub at Hyderabad.”

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What sets Haloocom apart from its competitors is that it is primarily designed around the concept of workplace mobility. This approach has enabled the brand to create unique innovations and product launches that have resonated with the business community.

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Commanding a massive market presence, Effective 1st Feb 2020, Haloocom has started its full-fledged Operations in the USA, based out of Texas.The commencement of these operations would mean that enterprises in the US will now have access to an affordable Enterprise Communications System, which can be setup in less than 60 minutes thus saving time that can be utilized elsewhere within the organization.

Making Work From Home a Seamless Process
Like most of the industry segments, the pandemic, Covid-19, has brought businesses in the call centre industry to a standstill. In order to curb the impact this disease has on this industry, social distancing recommendations and work from home policies have been put in place. To get operations to return to functioning at its prior normal working pace, companies need to equip themselves with the virtual call center capability in order to enable remote agents without which the businesses could be brought down to its knees. Assisting businesses achieve their business goals during these trying times is Haloocom who was the first Indian brand to launch Work From Home Solution for Contact centers & Enterprises located in India, USA and South Africa. This solution can be leveraged by the user/agent to make and receive calls from the comfort of their home through Haloocom’s Cloud infrastructure, within the purview of the local telecom regulatories in the aforementioned countries.