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Effective 1st Feb 2020, Haloocom is now in Colleyville, Texas, USA.

“We will be kick-starting our business journey in the US from Colleyville, Texas and our team is super excited and busy setting up these operations at Texas,” said Rajesh KU, Head, Global Business Operations. “This will mean that Startup to Enterprise in the US will now have access to an affordable Enterprise communications solution that can easily be integrated with Renowned CRM applications like Salesforce, Pipedrive or Hubspot and build such a cloud setup in less than 60 minutes,” Rajesh added.

In today’s world, all the existing and emerging companies are looking for an Enterprise communication solution that can help them communicate effectively and efficiently. They are looking for a solution that is Fault Tolerant, Reliable, Easy to use, and flexible to adapt to changing technological and business demands. In Haloocom, our main objective is to fulfill the three core objectives for any organization:

  • 1. Increase Productivity
  • 2. Increase Operational Efficiency
  • 3. Cost Optimization 

The company has built a Stable and Fault-Tolerant Enterprise Communication Solution. Its R&D teams are working round the clock to innovate and develop a solution for the future.

Haloocom has 3 core products:

Haloo Xchange – Enterprise Communication system, NextGen IP PBX

Haloo Connect – Contact Center Application

Haloo Way Location-based Services based on the IoT Platform

Haloocombeing the only brand that has the combo of a Contact center Suite with a Location-based tracking system integrated with Google maps for real-time updates, opens up a huge market opportunity for Field agent tracking locally in the US.

Haloo Connect – Haloocom’s Contact Center Application can be closely integrated with Salesforce & Pipedrive CRM for the CTI integrated features like Predictive dialing, Inbound Sticky Agent, and Blended & Multiple queue handling.

“Our R&D and Support centers, operating based out of India is a huge cost-saving factor for its prospects based out of the USA,” added Rajesh. Haloocom has been investing a lot on product innovation based on the ANI platform of Voice BoTS and Chat BoTS. The beta version of these applications had a tremendous response from its existing client base.

Located within India’s IT capital, Haloocom is one of the fastest-growing brands in the enterprise communication Space. What sets Haloocom apart from its competitors is that it is primarily designed around the concept of workplace mobility. This approach has enabled the brand to create unique innovations and product launches that have resonated with the business community and has led to unparalleled response and demand from the market.

Bottom line, Haloocom is now in Texas, USA. And we’re not stopping at this.