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It’s been a roller coaster ride with the 2nd half of 2018 giving Haloocom 4X overall growth. All Products of Haloocom were carefully designed by keeping in mind that the Future of Enterprise Telecom is going to be MOBILITY. This led to a series of innovations, Product developments & Beta rollouts since Jan 2017 and the company has received an impeccable response from the market.

Game-Changing Services and Products

Today, Haloocom has four main products:

  1. Haloo Xchange – Enterprise Communication system, NextGen IP PBX
  2. Haloo Biz – Enterprise Communication Mobile app (Android & iOS) – Video Calling & IM
  3. Haloo Connect – Contact Center Application
  4. Go Live (Powered by Bluejeans) – Video Conference for the modern workplace
  • The main objective behind designing all these 3 products was to full fill the 3 core objectives for any organization:
  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Increase Operational Efficiency
  3. Cost Optimization

Since MOBILITY is the company’s key differentiator, they build all their products to allow a user to access their business communication (Voice, Video & Data) from wherever they are.

The Haloo Biz Mobile App acts as a private WhatsApp for business, where the Data Storage, Security & Data-Flow is controlled by the business within their network.

Go Live Video Conferencing system, which is powered by Blue Jeans offers Interoperability with an existing Video Conference setup like a Cisco or Polycom, giving wings to an existing traditional VC room to Go Live from anywhere, any device

The company has built an AI-Powered Optimizer tool for Haloo Xchange & Connect series of products that can proactively assess any threat in the system, diagnose & troubleshoot them in real-time

Presenting the Immensely Talented CEO Of Haloocom

Mr. Levis Wilson (Ex. Chief Business Officer, Safetrax & Ex. Chief Operating Officer *astTECS), decided to bring in his & team 2 decades of Telecom expertise, implementing over 5000 global Telecom projects through Haloocom to the Indian Market.

He is also the Founder & Group CEO for Estontec with a Successful track record of building Brands, Products, creating jobs for 100s of underprivileged Indian families, and managing challenging commercial situations, including company turnaround or restructuring. Strategic investor in start-ups and fast-growing early-stage businesses.

Stepping a Next Level with Launch of 2.0 version of All Products

Haloocom has received impeccable response & customer feedback from the market and the company is already on the verge of releasing version 2.0 of all its products in March 2019.

Haloocom today is the pan India Telecom partner for 3 Large Indian brands. Haloocom Contact Center application alone manages 12L+ calls every single day.

Telecom Industry is at its Peak in Terms of Revenue Generation

The unified communication market is projected at a $96 billion & Video Conference at $40.84 billion by 2023 globally. This opens up a huge opportunity for Enterprise Telecom products & services companies.

The Major Challenge Faced: Gaining Local Support from Cities

Gaining local support in every important city around the world has been a major challenge, which the company has been striving hard to overcome by appointing a series of Preferred Partners & Distributors locally.

The Major Factors that have Propelled the Company’s Growth

Continuous Progress across Product development, Support & Supply Chain. The company has been proactive most of the time, for instance – the company’s R&D center has already kick-started the development of the 3.0 Version of products that is meant to be released by March 2020. The company wants its customers to feel the power of Haloocom Innovation & Enhanced features every single year.

Creativity comes out when you Love your Job

“The Only Way to do great work is to love what you do” – Haloocoom has taken the words of Steve Jobs very seriously & the company means every bit of it. This naturally keeps the entire team highly efficient & motivated.

The company also come up with regular programs & exercise to ensure that the team is always moved out of their comfort zone, to give everyone a breath of fresh ideas & positive energies

Strategies to win Long-term Customer Relationships

The company tries to ensure that they keep offering their customers updated version of all their products every single year and offer flexibility to customize the applications that suit the customer’s workflow will help Haloocom to continue winning hearts in the long run.