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Rapid Outreach to Indian citizens with Haloocom’s Voice Blaster & Business Intelligence


India’s Leading organization specializing in Pre-Poll (elections) feedback campaigns, recognized the importance of optimizing its communication strategies to enhance Citizens outreach. To achieve this, they engaged Haloocom, a renowned communication solutions provider, to implement their strategy. Haloocom not only Fully filled the client’s strategy by tailor-making the entire Voice Blaster software as requested but also went above and beyond by incorporating several customizations to meet Post Go-Live needs.


An Automated system that can reach as many Indian citizens as possible in a short span of time that can record feedback on the Pre-Poll campaign, which in turn can derive business intelligence data points

  1. Rapid outreach to 1 Million people with Haloocom’s Voice Blaster
    Haloocom custom-built the Voice Blaster software to support the creation of voice-blast campaigns with a customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The client could now craft personalized voice messages using pre-recorded audio or text-to-speech options.
    The IVR allowed dynamic responses based on user inputs. For instance, customers could press specific keys to provide feedback, select options, or connect to an agent. The IVR data was stored in the database for future reference and analysis. The voice blasting campaign comprised complex DTMF inputs with multiple voice files and individual reports which were specifically unique to the client’s requirements. These requirements were seamlessly integrated into the solution up to the client’s satisfaction.
  2. Voice Recording and Data Storage:
    Haloocom integrated a voice recording feature that enabled customers to record their feedback after the call. The recorded voice files were stored securely in the local database, and linked to the respective customer interactions. Additionally, call details, such as timestamps, call duration, and caller information, were encoded in JSON format and sent to the client
    through APIs for real-time data access.
  3. Automatic Redialing for Call Failures:
    Haloocom enhanced the Voice Blaster with an automatic redialing feature to handle calls failures. When a call attempt failed, the system automatically retried the call at predefined time intervals. The client could customize the retry frequency (e.g., every 15, 30, or 45 minutes) and the number of retry attempts. This feature improved the chances of connecting with customers and reduced missed opportunities.
  4. User-Friendly One-to-One Calling Feature:
    To facilitate one-to-one calling, Haloocom created a user-friendly UI that allowed Live Agents to manage their calling via GSM Gateways. The client could assign specific users to each port based on their requirements.
    The interface provided an easy-to-use edit option, allowing clients to modify user-port assignments as needed. The system stored all call-related data, including reports and voice recordings, for each user separately.
    A new List upload report was needed for each file upload, Haloocom meticulously delivered this requirement even if it meant far-reaching changes to the existing system since the adage is that the client needs to surpass any other requirement. The customer is fully satisfied with this count.
  5.  Seamless Integration with Google Drive:
    Haloocom seamlessly integrated the software with Google Drive. After the call recording, the system automatically uploaded the recorded voice files to the client’s designated Google Drive folder. This Integration ensured secure and convenient storage of voice files, making it easy for the Client to access and manage the recorded data.
  6.  Pushing Call Failure List to Client Server:
    The Voice Blaster software was configured to compile a comprehensive list of call failures, including the call numbers and reasons for failure. The software automatically pushed this list to the client’s server, allowing them to utilize their calling APIs for further actions, such as rescheduling the calls or updating customer information.
  • Haloocom’s customized Voice blaster software exceeded Clients’ expectations, streamlining their communication process and significantly improving customer engagement. The implemented changes allowed the client to:
  • Conduct personalized voice-blast campaigns with interactive IVR functionality, leading to better citizen response rates. – Record and store Citizen feedback, ensuring valuable insights for analysis and continuous improvement.
  • Seamlessly manage one-to-one calling with the GSM gateway ports, enhancing
    communication efficiency and customer-agent interaction.
  • Automatically redial to maximize the chances of reaching customers, resulting in increased call success rates.
  •  Store recorded files in Google Drive for secure and convenient access, simplifying data management and retrieval.
  • Receive timely call failure data, enabling prompt follow-up actions and efficient utilization of resources.

Haloocom’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions and its ability to handle complex customizations of any magnitude made it the perfect partner for Clients’ strategic communication needs. The successful implementation of the software showcased Haloocom’s prowess in providing exceptional custom services not only met clients requirements but also surpassing their expectations, establishing a strong and enduring partnership between the two organizations. The collaboration resulted in a powerful and versatile communication tool that empowered the Client to enhance its pre-poll feedback campaign with Rapid outreach to citizens of India & derive business intelligence data point for a greater purpose.

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