BBMP – COVID 19 HELPLINE. How Haloocom helped?

Kartnataka Government BBMP – Covid 19 helpline powered by Haloocom

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), is the administrative body responsible for civic amenities and some infrastructural assets of the Greater Bengaluru metropolitan area. It is the fourth largest Municipal Corporation in India is responsible for a population of 6.8 million in an area of 741 Kms. Its boundaries have expanded more than 10 times over the last six decades. Its roles and responsibilities include the “orderly development of the city” — zoning and building regulations, health, hygiene, licensing, trade, and education, as well as the quality of life issues such as public open space, water bodies, parks, and greenery.   BBMP is entrusted with the responsibility of identifying, tracking, and facilitating the treatment of Covid-infected patients in the BBMP region and also spreading awareness about Covid-related information to the general public. Now, BBMP is one step ahead launching its COVID – 19 BBMP Helpline number. HALOOCOM has once again implemented sophisticated yet simple helpline contact center infra in record time for the BBMP.

CHALLENGES: BBMP mainly focuses on providing a Helpline number that help and provides all the information regarding COVID – 19 related queries like

  • Testing centres
  • Vaccination centres
  • Medical advice on symptoms
  • Direct assistance on hospital bed blocking and admission
  • CCC bed blocking
  • Availing BBMP’s ambulance service
  • Home isolation support.

BBMP needed a high availability solution that gives HIGH AVAILABILITY HELPLINE NUMBER FOR ALL THE CITIZENS

  • A helpline for the local citizens which is completely Toll-free and available all the time to register their complaints and to help with COVID-19 related queries.
  • A solution that captures and stores all the information like the caller’s Name, Number, Location, and the complaints/information they need including their call recordings with the assigned agent for future reference.
  • A solution that also allows the agent to make outbound calls to local citizens whenever needed for further guidance.
  • A solution that is needed to handle the concurrent volume of calls from the general public

SOLUTION: Haloocom offered its Contact 4.0 solution with inbuilt Telephony capabilities at 3 different locations, for over 100 users, handling 100s of concurrent calls every minute regarding Bed Allotment & Booking, Emergency Ambulance dispatch & Counselling services.  


  • Incoming Call – In case of any emergency need they can call the Toll-Free no, once it is dialed up the call will be received by the agent.
  • Outgoing Call – The agent can call back to the customers according to the remarks updated in the report.
  • Toll-Free – A Toll-Free number has been set up so that in case of any emergency they can dial up the number.
  • IVR – Stands for “Interactive Voice Response” IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch-tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone.
  • Real-Time Report – We will get complete details of agents’ call activity and performance and also, we can monitor the real-time dashboard where you can see whether the agents are in a call, disposition, paused, or in the break will get to know through the real-time dashboard. You can also get the agent’s hourly report.
  • Call Recording – conversation b/w the agent and the customer can be recorded, it is also saved so that we can pull the call record whenever required. In case you miss the recordings from the front-end, we will provide the recordings from backend.
  • SMS Notification – Agents can send SMS notifications to the customer whenever needed during or after the call.
  • WhatsApp Notification – Agents can send WhatsApp notifications to the customer whenever needed during or after the call.

ARCHITECTURE: Haloocom - architecture DATAPOINTS: Haloocom’s Connect solution provides extensive BID (business intelligence data) for BBMP officials to derive meaningful & actionable data points, like :

  • Agent Login hours
  • Call Related Datapoints
  • Talk Time
  • Wait Time
  • Drop %age

The overall efficiency of the COVID 19 Helpline center has increased massively with Haloocom’s Connect application, Now the Helpline center is able to manage 3X more calls with less than 48 seconds of wait time for callers and all the calls are logged, tracked & recorded for quality monitoring & Audit purpose.

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