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Located in India’s IT capital, Haloocom is one of the fastest-growing companies in the enterprise communication space. What sets Haloocom apart from its competitors is that it is primarily designed around the concept of workplace mobility. This approach has enabled the brand to create unique innovations and product launches that have resonated with the business community and have led to unparalleled response and demand from the market. And if there is one thing we need to know about the future of the telecommunications space, it is this – Mobility and AI-powered NLP bots are going to change it forever.

Mobility is changing the way that things work throughout the business landscape regardless of the size. For instance, 67% of SMBs have strongly agreed that mobile solutions have changed the way they do business, according to a report from the SMB group. This is not surprising as apart from the obvious benefits of letting employees work from any place, Mobile business communications also enable paperless workflow, improvement in data accuracy, ability to detect inefficiencies in the workplace, and unifying all communication platforms among various other advantages.

Seeing the potential of Mobility and AI-powered NLP bots in enterprise communication, Haloocom has moved quickly to incorporate it into their products. Haloocom Applications can automatically detect any threats in the system, diagnose and troubleshoots them on a real-time basis, identifies sources of inefficiencies, answers oft-repeated queries from customers, and streamlines the communication process to provide a wholesome experience to our clients. Clients have reported an average increase in Operational efficiency.

Haloocom has also rolled out the beta version of the NLP BoT – ANI-based Contact center solution (Voice detection enabled Customer Service Response System) & has already gained a lot of interest from their existing clients. Expecting the commercial launch by Q3 2019.

 “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.”
– Stewart Brand, Writer